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Where do the expats live in Malta?

15th March, 2024
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where do expats in malta live

Expats in Malta

Expats can be found all over the country, but there are many areas that have a higher concentration of expats than others. Nationalities from across the globe come to Malta to work, retire, as digital nomads or simply for long stays and the reasons why foreign nationals are more concentrated in certain areas can be attributed to the following factors:

  • A Shared Culture and Language

Expats feel more comfortable living among others who share their culture, language and background plus being surrounded by familiar customs can ease the transition to a new country.

  • Social Support

In most cases, living among fellow expats provides a built-in support network. They understand the challenges of living abroad and can offer advice, assistance and friendship. This social support can be invaluable, especially during the initial stages of settling in and getting used to a new country.

  • Access to Services and Resources

Expats often choose neighborhoods with easy access to services and resources that cater to their needs, such as international schools and even grocery stores that stock familiar products.

  • Job Opportunities

Certain neighborhoods may be hubs for specific industries or companies that attract expatriate workers such as the Sliema area that is extremely popular with those working in IT and Gaming. Living close to these job opportunities can minimise commute times and enhance work-life balance.

  • Easier Networking

Expats network with each other for career advancement opportunities. Living in close proximity to other expats can facilitate this through means of mentorship and professional development opportunities that present itself, especially within the expat community.

expats in malta

So, where exactly do expats tend to settle in Malta?

Let’s delve into the diverse neighbourhoods favoured by expatriates across the Maltese islands:

Sliema and St. Julian’s

Sliema and St. Julian’s are bustling hubs teeming with expats as the both the localities offer a modern lifestyle with a plethora of restaurants, cafes, bars, and shopping outlets. The picturesque promenade that stretches all the way from St Julian’s to past the Strand in Sliema is lined with parks and trees, affording stunning views of the Mediterranean. The presence of English-speaking locals and a range of amenities cater to the needs of expats, making these two areas the top choice of many. When it comes to real estate, Sliema and St Julian’s have it all: stunning and glamorous penthouses, glitzy apartments, maisonettes for families and traditional townhouses with their own outside spaces and gardens.

Swieqi & Pembroke

These quiet, residential areas bordering St. Julian’s offer a perfect balance: both are close enough for easy access to shops and restaurants, yet far enough to escape the hustle and bustle. Swieqi is particularly popular with families due to its proximity to top-tier international schools. In Swieqi you will find bungalows, maisonettes, apartments, and penthouses that are all suitable for families.

St. Paul’s Bay

Situated on the northern coast of Malta, St. Paul’s Bay is extremely popular with the expat community. Expatriates are drawn to this area for its affordability, picturesque surroundings and proximity to amenities. St. Paul’s Bay offers a laid-back lifestyle that appeal to many expats, particularly retirees and families. St Paul’s Bay has a huge variety of property types: from penthouses to maisonettes, duplex apartments and even bungalows.


As the capital city of Malta, Valletta’s intoxicating mix of history, culture and architectural splendour has catapulted it to being amongst the top destinations for expats to live. Expatriates seeking a cosmopolitan lifestyle are drawn to this UNESCO World Heritage Site for its vibrant arts scene, eclectic dining options and countless cultural events. Living in Valletta may come with a higher price tag compared to other areas, but expats are willing to pay a premium for the unique experience. Valetta offers expats palazzos, townhouses, houses of character, penthouses, apartments and maisonettes to choose from.


Tucked away in the northwestern part of Malta, Mellieha is known for its idyllic beaches and family-friendly atmosphere. Expatriates are attracted to this area for its tranquility, close-knit community and abundance of outdoor activities. With its charming village core, beautiful coastline and proximity to nature reserves, Mellieha offers expats an excellent alternative to the cosmopolitan buzz of Sliema. If you are after living in a villa or a bungalow, Mellieha is the right place to be but here you will also find all the other types of properties that Malta has on offer.


Gozo is a popular destination for expatriates seeking a more relaxed pace of life. Renowned for its picturesque countryside, quaint villages and pristine beaches, expats are also drawn to Gozo for its laid-back lifestyle and still affordable property prices. Whether it’s enjoying a leisurely stroll through the quaint streets of Victoria or basking in the sun on Ramla Bay, Gozo is hard to beat as a location for those expats who prefer living life at a slower and uncomplicated way. Gozo is known for its houses of character, farmhouses, maisonettes and terraced houses, but apartments and penthouses can be found across the entire Gozo with some being located in the most scenic of settings. Whether you want to have a sea view, overlook the rolling hills or live in a quaint alley in one of Victoria’s winding streets, Gozo has it all!

Expatriates in Malta and Gozo have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a place to call home. Whether one prefers the bustling streets of Sliema or laid-back Gozo, we at Frank Salt Real Estate will be able to find you the right home that suits your lifestyle, preferences and budget.

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