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Transform Your Investment: The Game-Changing Benefits of Professional Property Management

9th July, 2024
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Issued by Frank Salt Real Estate Ltd.

Bronia Mercieca, the Property Management Division Manager at Frank Salt Real Estate, has led the division for over a decade. With extensive experience in both the parastatal and private sectors, she joined the company in 2013. Under her leadership, the division has grown into a team of over ten dedicated professionals. Renowned for her passion, insight, and problem-solving skills, Bronia is the go-to expert for property owners and tenants. Here, she shares the transformative benefits of professional property management.

“Managing my rental property in St Julian’s for short lets was overwhelming before I decided to hire Frank Salt Real Estate for property management. Balancing my full-time job and family kept me very busy, and I simply didn’t have the time to handle check-ins, check-outs, and booking management effectively,” highlights Joseph A. “The fee is more than justified by the peace of mind it brings. For instance, when there was a sudden water leak in one of the bathrooms, their team responded immediately.

They not only fixed the issue promptly but also helped with gathering the documentation needed for the insurance claim. Additionally, whenever there are issues with tenants, they act swiftly to resolve conflicts and ensure everything runs smoothly. Their proactive approach and professional handling of emergencies have made a significant difference in managing my property effectively.”


Understanding the Benefits of Property Management

Property management involves taking on the responsibility for daily repairs, maintenance, security and the upkeep of properties on behalf of owners. This service is invaluable for all types of property owners, whether they reside locally or abroad and it provides peace of mind, especially during emergencies. Properties currently managed by Frank Salt Real Estate’s Property Management Division covers the entire spectrum: from penthouses to apartments, villas, farmhouses, condominiums, houses of character and many others.

Typical services are customised based on the property’s nature, be it a holiday home or rental property, each benefiting from having access to in-house handymen who ensure properties are well maintained at all times. Frank Salt Real Estate conducts monthly inspections of each property, accompanied by detailed forensic reports. Any issues are promptly addressed, with recommendations and progress reports provided.

Elevating Standards and Tenant Satisfaction

“Ever since we handed over the management of our rental properties to Frank Salt Real Estate, our experience has been seamless. Their prompt responses and efficient handling of emergencies have significantly enhanced our tenants’ satisfaction and our peace of mind.” says Sarah T., property owner and a UK national who makes use of her property in Malta from November till January. She rents it out as a holiday home for the rest of the year. She emphasised: “Peace of mind for us is key and Bronia delivers on that!”

The management team acts as an intermediary between owners and tenants, ensuring smooth communication and issue resolution. Tenants can easily contact the management team, who handle emergencies efficiently, contributing to high tenant satisfaction. This comprehensive approach relieves the stress of renting out and maintaining a property, with the team handling everything from repairs to tenant relations, thus providing a single point of contact for owners.

Maximising Property Potential

To maximise investment potential, properties should be well maintained, adequately equipped and have good finishes. Owners should consider whether they would be comfortable living in the property themselves. While short lets may experience more wear and tear due to higher turnover, the management team ensures immediate maintenance between occupancies, managing both types of lets with equal care.

Staying Updated with Regulations and Trends

With over 20 years of experience, the Frank Salt Real Estate Property Management Team remains vigilant about local regulations and market trends to provide excellent service. Continuous learning and adaptation are key to maintaining high standards. Property owners receive monthly inspection reports, complete with photos and videos if necessary. Regular visits and detailed accounts ensure transparency and effective communication with clients.

The company invests rigorously in continuous employee training, technological advancements and regular upgrades of equipment and facilities to stay ahead of industry trends. Efforts are also made to enhance any property’s appeal during vacancies.

Why Appointing a Property Management Company is the Ultimate Solution

Imagine you’ve purchased a charming rental property, dreaming of a hassle-free income source for years to come. But without a property manager, the dream soon crumbles under the weight of endless tasks – you personally end up screening tenants, coordinating repairs, handling disputes and maybe even have to chase down late payments. The constant demands start eroding your time, peace of mind and ultimately the rental property’s profitability. Now picture the sense of relief and the efficiency you will gain by appointing a skilled property manager who can expertly navigate any of these complexities! Having your property professionally managed will ensure that your investment thrives financially while you reclaim your personal time and regain the tranquillity you have worked so hard fo r.

Picking the Right Partner

When choosing a property management company, owners should consider a company’s reputation, track record and reliability. What sets Frank Salt Real Estate apart is its dedicated team, whose mission is to provide property owners with peace of mind and to maximise their investment potential. Property management maximises any real estate’s potential and tenant satisfaction by effectively maintaining and enhancing the property value through efficient operations, timely maintenance, strategic tenant placement and responsive customer service – and this is exactly the value that Frank Salt Real Estate’s Property Management Division adds.

“Frank Salt Real Estate has been managing our portfolio of properties for over five years,” says Mark D., a property investor from Michigan, US. “We heard about Malta from friends who took up residence there, and soon enough, we ended up owning our own property, as well as several others as part of our investment portfolio. Frank Salt Real Estate’s professionalism and dedication have not only maintained but significantly increased the value of our investment. We couldn’t be happier with their service.”

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