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The Top 10 Localities You Must Visit in Gozo

29th May, 2024
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top 10 localities in gozo

Exploring Gozo's best localities to visit

Gozo, the tranquil and picturesque sister island of Malta, is a hidden gem in the Mediterranean. Known for its stunning landscapes, historic sites, and charming villages, Gozo offers a unique blend of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, Gozo has something for everyone. Here are the top 10 localities in Gozo that you must visit to experience the island’s enchanting allure.

1. Victoria (Rabat)

Victoria, also known as Rabat, is the vibrant capital of Gozo. Dominated by the imposing Citadel (Il-Kastell), Victoria is the cultural and administrative heart of the island. The Citadel, a historic fortress, offers panoramic views of Gozo and is home to several museums, including the Gozo Museum of Archaeology and the Old Prison.

Stroll through the narrow streets of Victoria to discover charming squares, bustling markets, and quaint shops. The Basilica of St. George, with its exquisite Baroque architecture, is another must-see landmark. Victoria is also a hub for local festivals and events, making it a lively destination year-round.

2. Xlendi

Xlendi is a picturesque coastal village known for its dramatic cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and excellent seafood restaurants. This charming bay is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. The nearby Xlendi Tower, a 17th-century watchtower, offers stunning views of the coastline.

The village’s waterfront is lined with cafes and restaurants where you can savor fresh seafood while enjoying the serene sea views. For the more adventurous, a hike along the rugged cliffs provides breathtaking vistas and a chance to explore hidden coves.

xlendi gozo locality

3. Marsalforn

Marsalforn is one of Gozo’s most popular seaside resorts, offering a lively atmosphere and a wide range of amenities. The bay is ideal for swimming and sunbathing, while the surrounding area is dotted with diving centers catering to both beginners and experienced divers.

The promenade in Marsalforn is lined with restaurants, bars, and cafes, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely evening stroll. Don’t miss a visit to the nearby salt pans, which have been used for salt production since Roman times. These striking geometric pools create a unique and photogenic landscape.

4. Gharb

Gharb, located in the western part of Gozo, is one of the island’s oldest villages. This quaint locality is known for its traditional stone houses, narrow streets, and a strong sense of community. The main attraction in Gharb is the Basilica of Ta’ Pinu, a stunning church that is a national shrine and a place of pilgrimage.

The surrounding countryside is perfect for walking and cycling, with scenic routes leading to dramatic coastal cliffs and lush valleys. Gharb also hosts several traditional crafts shops where you can find local lace and pottery.

5. Mgarr

Mgarr is the gateway to Gozo, as it is home to the island’s main ferry terminal. Beyond its role as a transport hub, Mgarr is a charming village with a picturesque harbor. The imposing Fort Chambray overlooks the harbor and offers insights into Gozo’s military history.

The village is also known for its excellent seafood restaurants, making it an ideal spot for a meal before or after exploring the island. The nearby Ghajnsielem parish church and the Lourdes Chapel, perched on a hill, offer beautiful views and serene spots for reflection.

6. Dwejra

Dwejra is a natural wonder on the western coast of Gozo, famous for its dramatic coastal formations and rich marine life. Although the Azure Window, a natural limestone arch, collapsed in 2017, Dwejra remains a popular destination for its Blue Hole, an excellent diving site, and the Inland Sea, a secluded lagoon connected to the Mediterranean by a narrow tunnel.

The area is also home to Fungus Rock, a towering islet that was historically significant for the medicinal plant that once grew there. Dwejra is perfect for nature enthusiasts and photographers, offering stunning sunsets and rugged landscapes.

dwejra gozo

7. Nadur

Nadur is a charming village located on a hilltop in eastern Gozo. It is known for its lush orchards, historic sites, and vibrant festivals. The village’s main square is dominated by the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, an impressive Baroque structure.

One of the highlights of Nadur is the Ta’ Kenuna Tower, a 19th-century semaphore tower that offers panoramic views of Gozo, Comino, and Malta. Nadur is also famous for its traditional carnival, one of the most lively and unique events in the Maltese Islands.

8. Xaghra

Xaghra is a locality rich in history and culture, located in the heart of Gozo. It is home to the Ggantija Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest free-standing structures in the world. These Neolithic temples are a testament to the island’s ancient past and are a must-visit for history buffs.

Xaghra also boasts the beautiful Basilica of the Nativity of Our Lady, the Xerri’s Grotto, and Ninu’s Cave, which feature stunning underground formations. The village square is a vibrant hub with cafes and restaurants, perfect for relaxing after a day of exploration.

9. San Lawrenz

San Lawrenz is a tranquil village located near the western coast of Gozo. It is known for its traditional Gozitan houses and close proximity to some of the island’s natural attractions. The village church, dedicated to St. Lawrence, is a focal point with its beautiful architecture.

San Lawrenz is also the gateway to Dwejra, making it an excellent base for exploring the coastal wonders. The nearby Ta’ Dbiegi Crafts Village is a great place to purchase local crafts and souvenirs, offering everything from handmade lace to pottery.

10. Qala

Qala, located on the eastern tip of Gozo, offers stunning views of the Maltese archipelago. The village is known for its scenic countryside and beautiful coastal areas, including the picturesque Hondoq Bay, which is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

The village church, dedicated to St. Joseph, is a beautiful example of baroque architecture. Qala also hosts several cultural events and festivals throughout the year, adding to its vibrant community spirit. The coastal paths around Qala provide excellent opportunities for hiking and enjoying the natural beauty of Gozo.


Gozo, with its diverse localities and rich cultural heritage, is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. From the bustling streets of Victoria to the serene landscapes of San Lawrenz, each locality offers a unique glimpse into the island’s soul. Whether you’re exploring ancient temples, diving into crystal-clear waters, or simply enjoying a leisurely meal by the sea, Gozo promises an unforgettable journey through history, nature, and tradition. Plan your visit to these top 10 localities and immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Gozo.

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