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The company cuts down on 926.6kg of CO2 emissions in under 12 months

13th March, 2020
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Internally, Frank Salt Real Estate has invested extensively to reduce its own carbon footprint, by reducing the quantity of paper used in the offices and by making use of recycled products where possible, encouraging the use of paper towels and recyclable paper napkins and by introducing and maintaining appropriate waste separation dispensers throughout its head office and branch network. Thanks to such initiatives, over a span of 12 months, the company has saved 15 trees, recovered 35,539 one-litre post-consumer beverage cartons and avoided 929.6kg of CO2 emissions.

This was possible thanks to a collaboration with Inserv and Lucas Group, where Frank Salt Real Estate adopted use of several paper products made from 100% ecological raw material obtained from the recycled components of beverage cartons – thus giving new life to materials which otherwise would be disposed of in a waste dump, by contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and by preventing the cutting of trees.

certificate of environment saving

We pride ourselves in giving the environment its due importance and we have carried out a number of initiatives to make a difference wherever we can. That is why we have set up an in-house committee to come up with and enforce suggestions. Making use of only recycled paper is one way we can have a small impact and we encourage other organisations to do the same. We have also installed photo voltaic panels and sponsored the maintenance and upkeep of some local gardens, amongst other initiatives” said Director Grahame Salt.

Ever since its inception in 2018, Frank Salt Real Estate has undertaken several initiatives to safeguard and contribute towards the wellbeing of the environment. This is being done through the agency’s Let’s Go Environmental Drive, which amongst other, has carried out afforestation projects, a number of clean ups, maintenance of public gardens, and more recently the installation of 454 Solar Panels on the roofs of the Inspire Foundation.

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