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Grahame Salt is a Company Director at Homes of Quality. Grahame was born and bred into the real estate industry, with real estate having been the main topic of most dinner conversations. After obtaining a BSc degree in Business and Computer studies, he went on to join the family business. Grahame was immediately addicted by the excitement and diversity of the Real Estate market and never turned back! He now has 23 years of experience behind him. He started with selling property, has travelled extensively to promote Malta overseas and for 7 years, managed the Sliema branch. He now manages Homes Of Quality, which is a sister company of Frank Salt Real Estate. For the last 12 years, Grahame has also been in charge of developing and selling a number of projects including seafront apartments, villa developments and office buildings. Grahame believes that a property cannot be ‘sold’ to someone. The job of an estate agent is to understand a person’s needs and then, through his/her experience and knowledge of the market, to find the right property for the client. An estate agent’s job is to save his/her clients’ time by doing this in the most efficient and effective way possible and to offer all the guidance and information that the client might need along the way· Grahame has always been a very active person and enjoys a number of sports. He is also the proud father of two girls.

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