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Frank Salt Real Estate Team Enjoys an Artsy Fun-Filled Team Building Afternoon

12th June, 2024
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Issued by Frank Salt Real Estate Ltd.

Team Building Event 2024

Frank Salt Real Estate recently held an imaginative team-building event that took team members on a nostalgic journey inspired by classic Disney favourites and popular West End and Broadway musicals. The event, designed to foster creativity and collaboration, provided an opportunity for team members to showcase their acting, musical, and artistic talents.

Prior to the event, each branch was assigned a West End musical to recreate. They crafted unique scripts and produced videos featuring acting, singing, and dancing. Although participants had to step out of their comfort zones, the results were worth it. The stellar productions premiered at the team-building event and were judged by the whole team. Director Grahame Salt remarked, “Many budding actors, singers, and dancers emerged from within our team, showcasing their talents beyond property transactions!”

Other activities included cake decorating, sculpture making as well as a sip-and-paint contest – all based around beloved Disney movies Teams had to decorate cakes using sugar paste and other materials, crafted statuettes with clay and paints, and painted canvases featuring their preferred characters or scenes.

After completing the activities, team members enjoyed a delicious BBQ and refreshments. The event culminated in a showcase of the branch-produced videos, where each staff member voted for their favourite. The Sliema Letting Team’s rendition of Magic Mike won the musical video challenge, whilst in the artistic challenges, the Frozen and Finding Nemo teams tied for first place.

HR Manager Mandy Zaffarese highlighted the event’s purpose: “Our aim is to engage colleagues through social events, fostering teamwork and stronger relationships. This time, we focused on visual and performing arts, perfectly capturing the company’s motto: work hard but play harder.” Managing Director Jean Chapelle Paleologo added, “Our team-building events are designed to bring us together in a relaxed environment to improve team spirit, communication, and collaboration.”

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