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Our top recruits reveal what makes them winners from the outset!

19th April, 2024
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frank salt top recruits 2023
Issued by Frank Salt Real Estate Ltd.

Our top recruits of 2023

Entering the field of real estate sales and rentals is not for the faint hearted; however, there is a select group of individuals who seem to be born for the role. Right off the starting blocks they have been unstoppable, achieving results comparable, if not better than that of many successful veteran consultants!


One such person is Konrad Bonnici who is a property sales consultant at our Mellieha office. He is a certified consultant with a wealth of customer expertise under the belt and with many years of experience in both the local and international hospitality and travel industries, Konrad has honed his unique set of customer-focused skills to a fine art. In addition, his multicultural background has provided him with a deep understanding of the diversity that makes up a customer’s needs, qualifying him as an ideal candidate for residential property sales.


Another recruit of 2023 that turned out to be a go-getter, thereby amazing everyone with his achievements, is Simone Scotto who is a property letting consultant from the St Julian’s letting office. Simone also has a vast amount of experience that he gained from working within the hospitality industry. This journey has allowed him to live and work in six different countries prior to joining the company. He is a firm believer in making the most of the skills he acquired over the years and he regards himself as a dedicated contributor towards the future growth of the company.


If there’s anyone who has proved that one can make a success right from the start in real estate, these two certainly have. We therefore had to uncover the secrets of their near-instant success upon diving head first into the deep waters of real estate sales and rentals. So we asked them to share some of their opinions, beliefs and motives in the hope that we can uncover some of the magic ingredients of what drives them! Here’s what they had to say:

konrad bonnici frank salt sales
simone scotto frank salt letting

Professionally, what did you do previously and what initially attracted you to the real estate industry? 

  • Konrad Bonnici: Before entering the real estate industry, I enjoyed a diverse career in hospitality and travel. Real estate always intrigued me for years and one day I made the decision to give it a try! I’ve never regretted that choice!”
  • Simone Scotto: In my twenties, I had the chance to travel widely and work in the hotel industry. My introduction to real estate happened in London at the tender age of 19 when I was looking for a flat to rent. A real estate agent accompanied me on multiple viewings and I found the whole process intriguing. It gave me a glimpse into the inner workings and different approaches of the various agencies. Eventually, I ended up renting a flat through this very agent who not only found the perfect place but simultaneously maintained a strong relationship with me.”

You have both excelled in your first year of working at Frank Salt Real Estate. What do you believe has been the key factors resulting in your success so far? 

  • Konrad Bonnici: I certainly dedicated myself to absolutely aiming at achieving success. I found that my positive mindset and my enthusiasm, the inventory, the marketing and the brand itself helped me tremendously.
  • Simone Scotto: “Definitely discipline, the conducive work environment and embracing any setbacks as motivation and the opportunity to learn and grow.”


Simone, during your first 12 months you concluded more than a 100 rental contracts. Are there any of them which you will always remember and if so, why? 

  • Simone Scotto: In the real estate industry every deal brings its own mix of challenges and rewards. What I appreciate most about this profession is the constant variety; each day brings new experiences and interactions with a diverse number of clients. One memorable deal stands out — it took more than three weeks to complete and involved particularly difficult parties. Despite facing setbacks and moments of uncertainty, I remained focused and eventually closed the deal successfully. This experience highlighted the importance of perseverance and problem solving in real estate and it was immensely gratifying to overcome the obstacles and achieve a positive outcome.”


Konrad, what has been the sale concluded last year that left a mark on you?

  • Konrad Bonnici: “Sales trajectories vary and my first sale certainly stands out as it was concluded within just a few days of me officially representing Frank Salt Real Estate.”
konrad bonnici frank salt sales

Simone, transitioning into a new industry can sometimes be challenging. How has your transition been and what strategies have you used to adapt quickly and effectively? 

  • Simone Scotto: Moving from hospitality to real estate is a smooth transition because of one’s people skills, the understanding of different cultures and effective time management gained from working in hospitality. All of this was incredibly helpful. One’s knack for talking to people, getting along with them and handling different situations is great for building a measure of trust with one’s clients. Plus, your experience in solving problems and working seamlessly within teams makes one’s real estate experience go smoothly. Just focus on these skills, along with certifications and you’ll do awesome in the world of real estate …where it’s all about listening to your clients and building a solid relationship.”

Konrad, you already had some experience in real estate, having worked for 1 other agency before joining our team. What makes FSRE stand out as the best partner to property consultants when compared to others?

  • Konrad Bonnici: “In real estate, market knowledge and one’s inventory are paramount. Regional offices or smaller agencies can be likened to small shops, but as part of Frank Salt Real Estate, we function as a megastore and occupy a leading position in the market. Throughout my life, there have been instances where I was a follower, but with Frank Salt Real Estate I’m delighted to take the lead rather than to follow.”


 Balancing work and one’s personal life is crucial for long-term success and happiness. How do you go about this?

  • Konrad Bonnici: Compared to my previous employment, working in real estate is financially more rewarding and offers greater freedom and flexibility, allowing me to share special moments with my loved ones. Finally, in my life, through working in real estate, I’ve finally achieved the right balance between work and quality time with my family.”
  • Simone Scotto: Since I’ve switched over to real estate, I’ve found that not only am I happy with what I’m achieving at work, but I’m also able to travel and do things I really enjoy. It’s the flexibility of this industry that’s been such a game-changer for me. Having that freedom to enjoy life outside of work has made me even more productive and ready to tackle my tasks when I’m on the job. It’s like hitting ‘refresh’ and coming back stronger!”
simone scotto frank salt letting

What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most, and why?

  •  Konrad Bonnici: “The real estate journey encompasses numerous captivating stages, from acquiring and listing properties to marketing strategies and client meetings. However, the most rewarding stage is when clients transition into homeownership. Witnessing their final expression of joy and satisfaction is truly indescribable.”
  • Simone Scotto: Meeting people from all walks of life is my favourite part of the job. Building a strong network in a multicultural country like Malta is incredibly fascinating to me. It’s not just beneficial for my career, but it also adds so much richness to my social and personal life. The diversity of backgrounds and perspectives I encounter keeps things exciting and fulfilling both professionally and personally.”


Looking ahead, where do you see yourself in your career within the next few years?

  • Konrad Bonnici: “After spending a couple of years with the company, I aspire to advance beyond the role of a property sales consultant. However, it feels premature to make a commitment at this moment. I firmly believe that dedicating myself to my career with Frank Salt Real Estate will enable me to surpass my future aspirations.
  • Simone Scotto: I’m really happy with what I’m doing and I see myself growing even more knowledgeable and passionate regarding work. I think as long as I keep loving what I do and learn along the way, the other stuff, like success and rewards, will just come naturally.”

Who has been your biggest mentor or point of reference (within FSRE or not) to help you get where you are?  

  • Konrad Bonnici: The Mellieha Branch, who was awarded the title of ‘Best Branch’ for the fourth consecutive time, features very dedicated property consultants. This includes our manager, Patrick Xuereb who supported me with everything I needed and ensured I felt welcomed from day one. The collaborative effort of this team served as my greatest inspiration.”
  • Simone Scotto: I feel lucky to be surrounded by so many successful people at the head office in St Julian’s. Each one of them is like a mentor to me and I learn something valuable from everyone.  My manager Neil and colleague Jake have definitely been key factors in my success.”
konrad bonnici frank salt sales
simone scotto frank salt letting

In your opinion, what is the most important quality or trait that one needs to succeed in the real estate industry?

  • Konrad Bonnici: A property consultant must excel as a good listener and focus on identifying the genuine interests of all clients. It’s crucial to propose the right properties to ensure client satisfaction, otherwise there’s a risk of losing them. In an open and competitive market, it’s relatively simple to attract clients, but it is equally easy to lose them if their needs aren’t met adequately.”
  • Simone Scotto: Being able to listen to different perspectives, adapt to any situations and detach emotionally from any deals are the most valuable skills in my opinion.”

How do you build and maintain strong relationships with clients/customers? Can you share an example of a particularly successful client relationship you’ve developed?

  • Konrad Bonnici: “You have to consistently maintain communication with clients, ensuring that if the ideal property isn’t available at the moment, you promptly notify them as soon as one becomes available. In my most recent sale, there was approximately a six-month gap between initially meeting the clients and finalising the sale. After several months of patience and persistence, I was finally rewarded with a successful transaction.”
  • Simone Scotto: I have many clients that I now consider friends… and with some of them I regularly go out and about and we have strong relationships. This will obviously not apply to every client as some are seeking your professionalism and dedication while others are simply seeking deeper relationships with someone they can always refer to.”

Real estate is an extremely competitive field. How do you differentiate yourself from the hundreds of other property consultants out there?

  • Konrad Bonnici: I prioritise being honest with my clients, even if it means acknowledging that a sale may not be successfully concluded at a given moment. However, I remain committed to continuing the partnership and when I eventually propose a property that aligns closely with their needs; I do everything I can to ensure the transaction is completed successfully.”
  • Simone Scotto: If you listen to your clients, educate them through being professional and dedicated and follow up daily while building a solid relationship, you can already make a huge difference in the industry.”


What would you say is your biggest challenge and how do you go about overcoming it?

  •  Konrad Bonnici: My biggest challenge is maintaining a healthy balance between work and my personal life. To manage this, I prioritise effective time management techniques such as setting boundaries and scheduling dedicated family time. I make sure to practice self-care and regularly reassess my priorities to ensure that both my professional and personal responsibilities are met satisfactorily.”
  • Simone Scotto: I have a tough time detaching emotionally from work and it is definitely something I am working at. I embrace the no’s that are very often a huge opportunity as the yesses that will follow naturally… if you keep maintaining the right structure and dedication.”

A great advantage working for the Frank Salt Real Estate Group is that every new recruit receives excellent onboarding and training, all provided by the company before they start. This equips them with all the necessary tools to stand out from their peers in the market right from the outset. This training is ongoing and provided throughout their entire career.

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