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Our Mellieha Branch Shares the Secrets of Their Success!

25th April, 2024
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Meet our Mellieha Branch Team

At Frank Salt Real Estate’s Annual General Conference that was held earlier this year, the Mellieha Branch under the stewardship of Patrick Xuereb came out tops once again, winning the group’s Branch of the Year Award! This is the fourth time they have scooped up the coveted title and we just had to find out how they do it. An undeniable part of their success as a team stems from drawing on their collective experience gained from various backgrounds before commencing their respective careers in real estate.

For example, Patrick Xuereb and Claudio Fenech both have extensive know-how gained from the hospitality industry while Charles Gauci hails from Malta’s telecommunications sector. The only consultant with prior experience in real estate is Konrad Bonnici while Doreen Meli cut her teeth working for her family’s business. Jacqueling Micallef, also known as ‘fjura’ is a veteran of some 22 years at the Mellieha Branch and an incredibly important part of this award-winning team. Lastly, Jacqueline Borg brought a wealth of knowledge to the table gained from her previous position as a supervisor at a well-known local banking institution.

With a team of pro-active real estate professionals like this in one office, it is no wonder that they consistently notch up sales and rentals at an unbelievable rate. Are there any other secrets to their success that we should know about? We asked the questions and got some surprising answers:

  1. Congratulations on winning the Best Branch award multiple times, 2023 being its fourth time! What do you believe are the key factors behind the Mellieha branch’s consistent success in the real estate industry?

Partrick: Thank you very much! Winning the Best Branch award multiple times is indeed an honour. I attribute our consistent success in Mellieha’s real estate market to a few key factors. Firstly, our deep local knowledge and understanding of the market dynamics allow us to accurately assess property values and provide a tailored service and key advice to our clients. Secondly, our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures that we build strong relationships with both buyers and sellers, fostering trust and loyalty that last for years, long after any transaction was concluded. Lastly, our proactive approach to marketing and networking helps us stay ahead of the competition, thereby enabling us to reach a wider audience and driving more successful transactions.”

  1. Mellieha is known for its appeal to foreigners seeking holiday homes and rental investments. How does your team capitalise on this reputation to better serve your clients?

Claudio: “Mellieha’s reputation as a hotspot for holiday homes and rental investments is definitely something we leverage to benefit our clients. Our team understands the specific needs and preferences of our foreign buyers, whether they’re looking for a picturesque villa overlooking the sea or a cosy apartment in the heart of town. We adjust our bouquet of services to specifically cater to these individual demands and preferences, providing comprehensive guidance on everything from a great property selection to in-depth legal matters. This ensures a smooth and satisfying experience for our clients.”

  1. What role does teamwork and collaboration play in the success of the Mellieha branch, particularly under the leadership of Patrick Xuereb?

Jacqueline: “Teamwork and collaboration are absolutely vital to our success here at the Mellieha branch. Under Patrick Xuereb’s leadership, we’ve fostered a culture of mutual support and respect, where each member plays a crucial role in achieving our collective goals. By pooling our expertise and resources, we’re able to offer our clients a comprehensive range of services and solutions, from property valuation to marketing strategies, all backed by our office’s unified commitment to deliver excellence in all areas.”

  1. Mellieha’s real estate market is constantly evolving. How does your team stay informed about market trends and adapt your strategies accordingly?

Konrad: Keeping a finger on the pulse of Mellieha’s real estate market is essential for us to stay competitive and responsive to changing trends. We invest heavily in market research and analysis, monitoring key indicators such as property prices, rental yields and consumer demand patterns. This allows us to anticipate future market shifts and adjust our strategies accordingly, whether it’s fine-tuning our pricing recommendations or refining our marketing approach to target specific buyer demographics. ”

  1. Winning the Best Branch award multiple times is a significant achievement. How does it feel to be recognised for your hard work and dedication to excellence?

Partrick: Winning the Best Branch award multiple times is truly gratifying and a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. It’s incredibly rewarding to see our efforts recognised within the Frank Salt Group, the industry and also by our clients. This achievement motivates us to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and service excellence, ensuring that we continue to not only meet but also surpass any expectations and deliver outstanding results for our clients.”

  1. Mellieha is renowned for its proximity to the sea and its appeal as a holiday destination. How do you leverage these unique selling points to attract clients?

Charles: Mellieha’s stunning coastline and reputation as a holiday destination are indeed major selling points for us. We make full use of these unique attractions by showcasing properties that highlight the area’s natural beauty and leisure opportunities. Whether it’s promoting seafront properties with panoramic views or advertising easy access to beaches and water sports, we fine-tune our marketing efforts to resonate with clients who seek their slice of our Mediterranean paradise.”

  1. Customer satisfaction is paramount in the real estate industry. How does your team ensure that clients receive exceptional service throughout their buying or renting journey?

Claudio: “I can’t stress enough how much customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do at the Mellieha branch. From the moment clients walk through our doors to the completion of their property transactions, we strive to provide exceptional service throughout every step of their property journey. This includes offering personalised guidance, transparent communication and timely assistance to address any concerns or queries. By prioritising our clients’ needs and focusing on realising their expectations, we aim to foster long-lasting relationships built on trust and satisfaction. ”

  1. Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for the Mellieha branch and how do you plan to continue building on your past successes?

Charles: “Looking ahead, we are focused on continued growth and innovation. We aim to further solidify our position as the leading real estate agency in the area, expanding our client base and also our market share. In order to achieve this, we’ll continue to invest in our team’s professional development, technology infrastructure and cutting-edge marketing initiatives. By building on our past successes, we’re 100% committed to raising the bar even higher and setting new benchmarks for excellence in this industry. ”

  1. Trust is essential when awarding a property to any agency as ‘for sale’. Why should property owners choose to work with the Mellieha branch and what sets your team apart in terms of reliability, professionalism and integrity?

Michelle: “Trust is indeed the primary cornerstone of our relationships with all the property owners in the Mellieha area. Our team prides itself on our reputation for reliability, professionalism and integrity, as this we have earned through years of dedicated service and proven successful transactions. Property owners rely on us to represent their interests diligently and ethically, from accurately valuing their properties to negotiating the best possible deals on their behalf. Our commitment to transparency and honesty sets us apart and this ensures that our clients feel confident and comforted throughout the entire selling process. ”

  1. The rental market in Mellieha has never been better, with a strong demand for good quality properties. What words of advice would you have for prospective landlords?

Doreen: My advice would be to focus on providing quality properties which will go a long way towards tenant satisfaction. With this growing demand, landlords should also look at investing in upgrades and maintenance as this will yield higher rentals and attract more desirable tenants. It’s also important to stay informed about Malta’s overall rental trends and regulations, ensuring compliance with local laws and maximising returns on investment. By offering well-maintained properties and a responsive property management service, prospective landlords will be able to capitalise on Mellieha’s rental boom and enjoy a steady income stream for years to come. ”

  1. What do you like most about working at the Mellieha branch and what is your personal take on the secret to the branch’s success?

Jackie “Fjura”: “On 2nd October 2024, I will mark my 22nd year of working at Frank Salt Real Estate. I have had the pleasure of being a part of the Mellieha Branch team for several years now, and it has been a wonderful experience due to the supportive and dynamic environment. As a member of the team, my role requires excellent organisational and communication skills.

Our success is based on prioritising, building and nurturing strong relationships within our team, which enables us to work efficiently towards achieving our goals. This well-maintained approach not only enhances our reputation as being extremely dependable and trustworthy, but also stands as a barometer of our dedication and endeavours to provide ground-breaking solutions and outcomes that far exceed any of our customers’ expectations.

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