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Another Successful Year in 2019

6th March, 2020
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Around 200 staff members were invited to the Palace Hotel in Sliema on Tuesday 3rd March for Frank Salt Real Estate Group’s Annual General Conference.

The much-coveted yearly event kicked off with an emotional speech by Chairman and founder Frank Salt, who thanked the team for their unending hard work and dedication. “We would be nowhere close to where we are without you guys,” stated Mr Salt. “Make yourselves better people every day so you can remain consistent in your service delivery to our clients, whilst maintaining ethical standards which the company is so renowned for”. Over 50 years, the company grew from a one-man-show to a team of just under 200. We are today not just colleagues but a family. We will continue to not only grow but expand into new markets.

The event also included a series of motivational video speeches by renowned international sportsman and entrepreneurs highlighting the importance of endurance and pushing oneself to the limit. In a highly charged address, Director Grahame Salt, maintained “You need to keep believing in yourselves, learn from your mistakes and never let anyone put you down. To be successful you must be the hardest working person in the room.

Grahame continued to highlight the marketing efforts undertaken by the company last year, namely local and foreign campaigns which ran through various media channels, as well as local and overseas events and seminars Frank Salt Real Estate participated in or sponsored. “Be committed and loyal to our brand” urged Grahame. “We have invested a lot of time and resources to build the Frank Salt Real Estate service expectations and brand promise, and we will continue to do so in 2020.

A detailed presentation regarding the company’s performance followed by objectives for the year, was presented by Director Darren De Domenico. “2019 was another successful year for Frank Salt Real Estate, which is thanks to the dedication of all present and to the thousands of clients who continue put their trust in the company.

Notwithstanding a marginal drop in the total market, we have successfully reached expected revenue targets by increasing our market share. In 2019 we have seen a drop in first time buyers, which was envisaged following a busy three years since the launch of the government scheme, while other segments performed well and interest from foreign clients remained strong, albeit marginally lower than 2018. Although we expect this year to be a very challenging year, we are confident we have the best team in place to make 2020 yet another successful year.”

Frank Salt Real Estate’s Letting Division registered a record year in terms of revenue, along with our Property Management and Home Interiors Divisions, who registered growth of +24%.

The company also recorded a phenomenal increase in website traffic, as a result of our marketing efforts to boost our presence on social media platforms and ongoing investments in the company’s websites – aimed at improving the visitor’s online experience. “We have been leaders in the market for the past fifty years and we intend to remain the number one service provider, firstly by maintaining our standards and by offering clients the sterling service we are known for” continued Mr de Domenico.

This year’s main focus will be to ensure that we deliver on our brand promise – trust, integrity, service and the best possible customer experience, which clients expect to receive from a company like Frank Salt Real Estate.

If clients have a good experience when using our services, they will continue to use our services in the future and are likely to recommend us to their family and friends for generations to come.” concluded Darren. “We value productive, long lasting relationships with our colleagues and customers and will remain passionate about delivering excellent service to every customer. As a team we will keep working together to deliver greater results.

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