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What are the Advantages of Home Automation?

4th August, 2021
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With the availability and accessibility of technological advancements, there’s no denying that home automation is here to stay. Homeowners and landlords are now upgrading their properties in Malta more than ever. Some for energy efficiency and safety, while others to increase the value of their homes. There are also those who will say they do not need home automation, but if you think about it, most of us already have some form of semi-automated homes: we have many appliances on timers, lights that switch on and off with motion sensors, and more. So if all these modern amenities have made life easier, why not go all the way and get your home automated by using smart devices? You will be amazed at a load of responsibilities taken off your shoulders and also probably have a more sound sleep at night.

Here are some of the advantages of home automation you cannot miss:

Home Security

If home security is your main concern, automated door locks are the way to go. Not only will it act as a security device, but you will also be able to remotely unlock it for your children and relatives. Also, will the days of replacing all your locks when you have lost your keys or having gotten rid of a dodgy tenant be a thing of the past. You can simply reprogram the lock with a new code. You can also assign unique codes for each person so you will have a record of who entered the property at any given time. Another popular security home automation option in Malta properties is security cameras. Through apps on your smartphone, you can view, record, and take pictures, set or disarm the system, and more. You will also be informed any time any movement is picked up when you are not there, or you can set your system to record all the time.

Home Security
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If you have or use Alexa, Google assistant or a smart hub and all the right light bulbs and switches, you will be able to control appliances, switch on lights and even control the mood of lighting in your home. You can set the times for on and off and will save money on electricity or remotely light up your property when you are not there for added security. You will also be able to control your air-conditioning with ease. Switch it on before you arrive home so the temperature is just right, winter or summer. If your air conditioning unit does not have the capability of having a smart board installed, buy a separate climate control unit that will do the same thing for you.

Energy Efficiency and Savings

In this busy world where time management is everything, you will be able to remotely do things for your relatives like open and close doors, allow access, adjust appliances without the need of taking time off to go home and do it physically. Your productivity will go up. It will also help to save you more money by being more efficient as you will determine the amount of light, which lights are switched on and off, and the number of hours they are on. You can also program your garden irrigation system to be super-efficient with the right system, your pool, and literally anything else that works with electricity. You will also be using your electricity more efficiently and therefore contribute to being a bit more green. Home automation will take a lot of worries off your mind as once you have programmed everything, it is taken care of forever.

Energy Efficiency and Savings
Property Value

Property Value

Research has shown that tenants will pay more for a property that comes with smart devices. It makes your property more appealing not only for its added-value features but also because your tenants will know that you care about them (by wanting to make their lives easier). It will also convey the message that you care about the environment by having these clever cost-saving devices installed. This will appeal not only to tech-savvy younger renters but also to tenants that already use these technologies in their own homes. This market is usually more affluent, educated, and willing to pay a premium for properties that feature home automation technology.

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