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Why Move to Malta: The Perks Of Living On The Maltese Islands

19th January, 2018
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With wonderful coastlines, stunning scenery, and fantastic people, Malta is a country with many strings to its bow.

In addition to these brilliant features, there is another feature of the country which is well worth your attention: the wonderful opportunities for purchasing a property.

A House That Suits You

In amongst the gorgeous scenery of the island are a range of property types to suit every buyer, from traditional Maltese houses, made from golden stone, with their marble flooring and thick, sturdy walls, to modern developments and apartments, spacious family homes, and holiday getaways.

House in Malta

There is also a range of choices as to your location; head to stunning Valetta for culture and a buzz, or to a coastal townhouse in Most or Naxxar, for a slower, more traditional way of life.

The Weather

Another advantage is the wonderful weather; Malta celebrates a warm climate all year round, with mild winters – an average temperature of 15 Celsius –  and hot summers, with the mercury soaring to an average of 40 during August!

This favourable environment gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy every aspect of Malta, bathed underneath the sunshine.

The Economy

As well as stunning scenery and diverse locations, Malta can offer you plenty longer term, with a number of thriving, cutting-edge industries allowing residents from all sectors to find work.

With business booming in film production, IT, tourism, software, cosmetic surgery, and numerous others, there will be plenty of opportunities to settle in and create a life on Malta.

Visual Facade

The Property Market

The property market is also booming, with the island famous for first home ownership; 80% of people on the island own – and average property prices have been rising steadily since 2015.

Malta regularly records amongst the highest quarterly increases in house prices within the EU (up 6.2% in January of 2017), making property here a secure and long-term investment and providing you with peace of mind.

Government Schemes And Tax System

There is also the benefit of a generous tax system, alongside a number of resident programmes. These include the Malta Retirement Plan, and the Malta Residence Programme, offering EU nationals a chance to take up residence, and enjoy a 15% tax rate, thus allowing you to make the most of your hard-earned money.

Buying property and living in Malta can prove to be very lucrative financially, with any income earned outside of the country being exempt from income tax.

In addition, dividends, royalties and any interest are taxed at a much lower rate of foreign tax, allowing you to keep more of the proceeds.

Valletta Capital City

Language And European Status

Also, a bonus is the fact that English is an official language on the island, allowing for easy, clear communication with those surrounding you, ensuring that you feel at home and welcomed from the start.

Those from the EU have the right to own property, live and work in Malta. 

For non-EU residents, investment or additional properties may only be purchased in an SDA, or Special Designated Area – usually new property developments which offer exciting opportunities to buy property.

Buying A Property

Clear communication continues throughout the buying process, which is transparent and easy to access.

The interested buyer has a right to choose a notary, whose first job is to prepare a document known as a Promise of Sale Agreement (or konvenju), which serves as a binding contract.

The buyer also pays a deposit of 10%, as well as 1% of the selling price. This also acts as a down payment, ready for the final 5% stems duty which will be required.

The Promise of Sale Agreement will include the price, will detail exactly what that price covers, list any work which is required before the sale can be completed, the schedule for payments, and the final date of completion.

Colourful Balconies Malta

The notary then does all of the hard work, completing any legal searches or checks which are required.

The Promise of Sale remains valid for three months, during which time the buyer can complete the sale through signing the Final Deed at the notary office, or, if a mortgage is required, at the bank where this is held.

At this point, the sale price is transferred, as well all any outstanding tax or fees – including the notary fees, and the remainder of the stamp duty. The buyer then receives the keys, and is ready to enjoy their new home!


Malta was named one of the top 5 countries for affordable retirement in the International Living Index in 2016, and it is not difficult to see why this small Mediterranean island is so popular with locals and expats alike.

A hidden gem nestled between North Africa, Southern Europe, and the Middle East, it offers a fascinating blend of old and new, British and Maltese, tradition and innovation, all within a warm and enjoyable climate all year round.

For a sound investment for the future or an affordable, high-quality home, for now, make sure you consider Malta as a must have property hotspot!

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