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The Perks of Penthouse Living

22nd June, 2016
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Penthouses are a favourite amongst those who wish to have a spacious outdoor area without incurring the costs of buying a large house with a garden or yard. Instead, one opts for a penthouse that includes a large terrace and possibly some far-reaching views.

This contemporary form of housing has become increasingly popular in Malta as many new developments are being built, with extra emphasis on making the penthouse a superb dwelling for the potential proud owners of the best unit in the block.

Most penthouses are regarded as up-market properties, not just because of their outdoor space and views, but also because of the extra effort that is put into the finishing and furnishing of the property. Penthouses are indeed all-rounders, offering space, light, an outdoor area, privacy and above all, style.

Naturally, living in the highest and most stylish accommodation in the block comes at a price and the question that comes to mind would be whether the perks of living in a penthouse are worth its price.

Hence, we have compiled a list of pros and cons of living in a penthouse, in order to help you make an informed decision while choosing your ideal property type.


Outdoor area with Unobstructed Views
One of the most alluring features of owning a penthouse is the access to an outdoor area which would usually have unobstructed town, country or sea views. Being so high up offers an added advantage of making it very difficult for other buildings to obstruct your open view. Furthermore, penthouses usually have ample outdoor space ideal for entertaining guests or enjoying a lovely family barbeque in the comfort of your home.

Plenty of Natural Light
As mentioned above, penthouses usually come with unobstructed views and therefore allow plenty of natural light to flood the property, thereby making your penthouse not just spacious but also bright.

Quiet and Private
High above the busy streets, you are well away from traffic and other loud city noises that the apartments below you might experience. Furthermore, with no one living above you, there are no disturbances from neighbours and their guests. So owning a penthouse means living in a more peaceful environment.

Keep Warm in the Winter
The penthouse is inevitably the warmest building in the block. Since heat rises, the heat generated by the apartments underneath rises to your penthouse, thus keeping it warm and cosy. In the long run, this will also save on heating expenses during the colder winter months.


Cool Winter, Hot Summer

The last advantage mentioned could also be considered a disadvantage during the summer months, where temperatures reach over 30 degrees and cooling systems are imperative if one is to survive the hot summer months in a penthouse.

It’s a long way up!
When living in a penthouse, a lift is not a luxury but a prerequisite. It is essential to have a well-functioning lift in order to reach your floor, especially when loaded with groceries, pets or children. Otherwise, you and your guests will have to climb several flights of stairs to get to your floor each time you leave your home. This will soon become an intolerable burden, so ensure that the lift is spacious and modern.

Larger terrace, smaller dwelling
Owning a penthouse is excellent for those who enjoy having a spacious outdoor area with plenty of space to entertain. However, usually a large terrace means a smaller living area than the units below, as more of the space is used for the large terrace. Nonetheless, we believe this is a fair compromise for the beautiful outdoor area you could own when living in a penthouse – especially in Malta with our long summers and excellent climates.

If you are interested in purchasing a penthouse, or perhaps you are debating whether it is the right choice for you, give us a call on 2379 4794 and we will help you choose your ideal property type. If you are certain that a penthouse is the right property for you, we invite you to browse through our large selection of penthouses that are currently available on our website and potentially find your future home in no time.

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