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Summer’s on the Way! Swimming Pool Ideas for Your Property

25th March, 2024
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swimming pools malta

Transform your home swimming pool.

When it comes to living the good life in Malta, few things epitomise luxury and relaxation quite like a stunning swimming pool. Whether you’re looking to enhance your property’s value or create your own personal oasis, investing in a swimming pool is a decision that promises endless enjoyment. From sleek and modern designs to naturalistic havens, there’s a pool style to suit every taste and space. Far gone are the days of just having a hole in the ground filled with water: pools can be customised to not only reflect the owner’s personality and preferences but pools can indoors, outdoors, subterranean and even on rooftops! What could be better than sitting outside your penthouse in your custom pool, overlooking the ocean with a drink in hand on a hot summer’s day?

Let’s dive into some exquisite swimming pool ideas specially tailored for properties in Malta!

swimming pools malta

A must-have is the infinity edge pool

Imagine lounging by a pool that seemingly extends endlessly into the horizon, blending seamlessly with the cobalt blue waters of the Mediterranean. Infinity edge pools, also known as vanishing edge pools, offer exactly that. They are perfectly suited for properties with million dollar views and create a captivating visual effect that enhances the visual sense of space and tranquility. Pair it with sleek tiles and minimalist landscaping for that contemporary vibe.

Lagoon-style retreat

For a more natural feel that complements the landscape, consider a lagoon-style pool. These are characterised by gentle curves, rock features and lush vegetation. Have your own tropical getaway right in your backyard! Incorporate cascading waterfalls, meandering pathways and palms to complete the resort-like ambiance. It’s the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and it will feel like you are on a permanent holiday.

swimming pools malta

Rooftop bliss

In densely populated areas space is often at a premium. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the luxury of having a swimming pool. If you live in a penthouse, opt for a sleek, modern design with stainless steel hand rails and water spouts, safety glass panels that will maximise panoramic vistas and while you are at it, incorporate an eye-catching sculpture or two to further add to the sophistication.

Mosaic masterpiece

Inject a splash of colour and character into your pool area with vibrant mosaic tiles inspired by Malta’s rich cultural heritage. Whether you opt for traditional Maltese motifs or contemporary designs, mosaic detailing adds a touch of artistry and personality to your pool. Pair it with terracotta accents, wrought iron furniture and Mediterranean water-wise plants such as conifers and lavender.

Why not go spa-inspired?

We know how we love to spend a day at a top spa, so why not transform your pool and deck area into a luxurious wellness retreat with spa-inspired features such as integrated hot tubs, bubbling jets and soothing waterfalls? Create specific zones for relaxation and rejuvenation with sunken loungers, shaded cabanas with daybeds and amazing water features. For the night time, incorporate mood lighting and aromatherapy to enhance one’s sensory experience. It’s time to unwind and de-stress in style!

If you are looking for a home that comes ready with a pool, we can assure you we have plenty of options to consider on both Malta and Gozo. Choose from villas, bungalows, terraced houses and maisonettes to penthouses and inner city hideaways in Valletta. If the countryside is your thing, make sure to look at our selection of farmhouses and renovated houses of character. Call us and start stocking up on the sunscreen!

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