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Modern design ideas for a perfect bedroom

25th May, 2016
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Designing a bedroom calls for some creativity and can be the perfect opportunity to project one’s individual style into their home. The best part about designing a bedroom is that you can afford to be less rigid and symmetrical in this room. Take the time to design it by combining your favourite colours, preferably using a three colour combination and putting in particular pieces that reflect your personality and personal taste.

Listed hereunder are some fantastic tips that could complement your own ideas perfectly or perhaps give way to new ideas that will make your bedroom your favourite room in the house! Having your dream bedroom does not require lots of money but it does require time and it is worth dedicating that time to the room you will spend a third of your life in!

Make it a BED room

The bed is the central focus of the room so make sure that you want it to be so! Investing in quality linen, a beautiful cover or cosy quilt and some fluffy cushions that add a pop of colour to your linens will make all the difference to the entire room. You can also add more decorative items surrounding the bed including beautiful artwork above the bed, a comfortable headboard or a cosy rug with contrasting colours to the bed linens. Not only will your bed look beautiful but it will make you long to slip under the covers at bedtime!

Comfortable seating… and a chair!chair

An excellent idea that adds character to any bedroom is placing a small comfortable sofa at the foot of the bed and adding decorative cushions. While this will definitely provide comfort and charm, make sure that it does not become an excellent surface to dump clothes and other items onto when in a rush. This will quickly turn into an eyesore. Instead, keep a discreet chair in a corner of the bedroom where you can pile on used clothes until you have time to fold them neatly or put them away.

Declutter and store away!

A bedroom is very personal and is usually the place to store personal items or items that we are just not ready to get rid of! If this is the case, clutter might start to gather so it would be a good idea to come up with effective storage solutions. This does not necessarily mean that you must stock up on boxes to hide under the bed. On the contrary, if these items look good on display, hang up a set of shelves and display them neatly and proudly. Just ensure that items are not lying around without a specific place for them to be kept.

Make it fancypastel

Making it fancy does not mean going overboard. All you need is an eye for detail while designing a bedroom and some basic pieces that will bring it to life. If your bedroom is small, consider adding a large mirror which will give the illusion of space and will also reflect any sunlight coming into the room making it seem brighter and airy. If you have sunlight flooding the room, add some indoor plants to complement the bright feel of the room. Another way to personalise your bedroom could be to customize a particular piece of furniture, whether a dresser or a bedside table. Paint it pastel or design it with different patterned drawers. Be creative and it will easily become your favourite piece in the room.

Light it up!

While some bedrooms benefit from natural light and might even be connected to an outdoor terrace or balcony, others rely on artificial light but this does not mean the room should look gloomy. Find the right lighting that provides a mellow atmosphere before falling asleep and a bright white light to use while getting ready for a night out or working at your desk. Light can manipulate the room’s energy so make sure it is a positive one.

Keep it rustic


Modern design calls for soffits in the ceiling and large tiles. However, nothing is cosier than the dark colours of parquet flooring and wooden beams on the ceiling to truly add character to a bedroom. In Malta, many traditional properties benefit from large wooden beams on the ceiling and these will be complemented perfectly with dark parquet. In contrast, the bed linen should be white or neutral in colour to create a perfect balance.

His and Hers his hers

Having your own bedroom allows you to design it according to your personal taste and style, making it the perfect sanctuary to relax in after a day’s work. However, if you share your room with a spouse, the room’s design should reflect both of you; a bedroom is a personal space which is why it should feel personal for every person sleeping in it.

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