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Tips on How to Choose a Name for Your New Home!

2nd February, 2024
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how to name my new home

Let's give you ideas on how to name your home.

Coining the perfect name for a new home is a delightful yet challenging task as the options are simply endless! Assigning an identity to a place where countless memories will be made and cherished over the decades by several generations needs careful consideration. In Malta and Gozo, as in many parts of Europe, the naming of a property is not just a label but a reflection of its character, history and the aspirations of those who are going to live there.

The custom of naming homes in Malta is rich with creativity and cultural significance with many even considering this a time-honoured tradition. We look at the way you can choose the best name for your new home:

1. Why not draw inspiration from history, legends and religion?

Malta, with its tapestry of history and folklore, offers a wealth of inspiration. From the Knights of St. John to Malta’s pivotal role in World War II, there’s no shortage of historical figures and events to draw from. Names like ‘Knight’s Retreat’ or ‘De Valette Cottage’ can reflect on such a rich heritage. Similarly, religion could inspire names like ‘St Francis’ or ‘Ave Maria’ for a home. If you have a farmhouse or house of character, try and choose names that befit the age of the property. Look for notable or famous people that were born in or lived around the area as well and use that as your inspiration.

how to name my home

2. Name combinations are still hugely popular

It is very popular in Malta to combine the first few letters of first names or even names and surnames, resulting in homes being called ‘Marvic House’ (Mario and Victoria), ‘Joros House’ (Joseph and Rose) or ‘Azzomar’ (Azzopardi, Mark) if a person is not prepared to share! Name combinations are neutral and can apply to modern apartments, penthouses, villas, terraced houses…in fact any property.

3. Celebrating a home’s architectural features

Many Maltese homes boast distinctive architectural elements like the traditional ‘gallarija’ or Maltese balcony and then there’s ‘xorok’, ‘kileb’ and many more. Naming your home after these unique features can be both descriptive and charming. Think of ‘Balcony Blue’,  ‘Limestone Cottage’ or ‘The Arches’. Across Malta, with its diverse architectural styles such as Baroque, Art Deco, Art Nouveau or even modernist, similar inspiration can be found.

4. Incorporate natural surroundings

Malta’s landscape with its blue ocean, rocky coasts and Mediterranean hues provides a natural palette for naming your home. Names like ‘Olive House’ or ‘Azure Cottage’ celebrate these surroundings. Plants and flowers can also be a wonderful source for house names such as ‘Rose Cottage’, ‘Jasmine’, ‘The Cedars’ and many more.

how to name my home

5. Use language and local dialect

The Maltese language, with its unique Semitic roots mixed with Italian and English influences, can be a rich source of names. A name like ‘Dar il-Hena,’ which means ‘House of Peace/Happiness’ in Maltese, resonates with local charm. Across Europe, using local dialects or languages can add authenticity and character. A cottage in Spain might be named ‘Casa del Sol’ (House of the Sun), while a French country home could be ‘Maison de la Rivière’ (House by the River). Have a good look around your area and try and find something unique to act as inspiration for naming your home.

6. Family heritage and personal interests

Your home can reflect your passions or your family’s background. A Maltese family with a history in seafaring might name their home ‘ Dar tal-baħri ‘ (House of the sailor). A family passionate about music or art could opt for ‘Melody Manor’ or ‘Painter’s Retreat.’ Celebrating your family’s lineage or interests can make the name deeply personal and meaningful.

7. Humour and word play

A touch of humour can add a light-hearted feel to your home’s name. Puns or plays on words are always fun – consider names like ‘Sea-esta’ for a beach house or ‘The Last Resort’ for a holiday home or ‘The Nut House’ for a family always that’s always on the go. A very apt name for instance can be ‘The Nest Egg’…why not? The key is to balance wit with charm to ensure the name remains endearing over time.

how to name my home

8. Combine elements for a truly unique name

Don’t be afraid to mix and match elements to create something unique. A name like ‘Riverview Terrace’ combines natural and architectural elements, while ‘Serenade’ reflects on personal interests and song or music.  

9. Names based on movies and travel

We have all seen house names such as ‘Graceland’, ‘Xanadu’, ‘Portofino’, ‘Grey Gardens’ and ‘Amalfi’, so why not name your home after a movie or place you have fond memories of? For instance a trip to Disneyland can lead to a name like ‘Mickey Manor’, ‘Simba’, ‘Alladin’s Cove’ and many more.

Naming your home is a beautiful tradition that allows you to express its essence and your connection to it. Whether drawing from Malta’s rich cultural tapestry or one’s own diverse heritage, the possibilities are endless. Let creativity guide you, and you’ll find a name that resonates with you for decades to come.

You do not have a house to name? Well, then we are the best people to start you on your way to finding the right property! As Malta’s oldest and biggest real estate group, we can assure you we will have something that suits your budget, taste and style. So start making a list of names for your home and let us do the rest.

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