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Easy Tips for a Low-Maintenance Home

22nd September, 2021
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Having a low maintenance home is not as far-fetched as you might think. With the right resources and proper choices, your house can have long-lasting materials that will take some repairs off your home maintenance list. By minimising maintenance, you are saving yourself a lot of time and money, while still keeping your home as beautiful as you want it to be.

To help you get started, below are some ideas for making your property in Malta low maintenance.

Use easy-to-clean surfaces 

Make sure you follow the trend with choosing bigger tiles, as these have less grouting to keep clean and avoid carpets! Carpets are dirt traps and can harbour unpleasant smells. Ceramic tiles are easy to wipe clean, or if you like stone you are on the right track as stone that’s properly sealed and treated during installation does not need any polishing or maintenance like wood.

When it comes to countertops, go for those that incorporate colour like granite or even composites that are speckled or patterned as this will make any marks hard to spot and it will look better for longer.

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Choose soft furnishings 

Patterned soft furnishing such as fabric and upholstery will do the same and look good for longer in comparison to a white, cream or mono colour. The same goes for area rugs, but always make sure the pattern is modern and stylish, have a short pile and is easy to clean when the time arrives.


Get rid of dust gatherers

We all love mementos or must display something a loved one gave us but keep this to a minimum as not only do they collect dust, but we also must clean the areas around and under them. The fewer knick-knacks you have, the less your job will be cut out for you to keep them and their display areas clean. Why not donate some of them to charities or sell them off?

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Simple design, simple to clean 

Make sure your storage units are floor to ceiling and have as few nooks and crannies as possible. The more shelves or pigeonholes a unit has, the more likely it will gather dust and invite you to put the collectables on them. Sleek, simple design is timeless and requires a lot less effort to maintain. In the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom floor-to-ceiling cabinets and wardrobes will offer you a lot more storage space and cut down on cleaning and dusting.

Select the right flooring

When it comes to floors, laminates are a good option as well as it will last and stand the test of time, as will ceramic and stone tiles. Rather spend a bit more on better quality and ensure that the line will be available for the future, should you ever have to replace a broken or chipped tile or a piece of laminate. Make sure these materials are always professionally installed and are covered by a guarantee. Proper installation by an expert will add years to the longevity of a product.  

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Add a touch of greenery

Choose plants that are well-suited to the climate and go for water-wise varieties. Not only will it require less frequent attention, but it will also cut down on expenses. Many varieties are indigenous to Malta and well adapted to a Mediterranean climate, plus they also look good.

Final thoughts 

In our busy lives, we want our homes to look good but also to be fuss-free, so our best advice is to do some proper planning as this will save you a lot of time and maintenance for the future. The next time you see something you want to buy for the home, remember to look at it long-term, enquire about its durability and try and estimate if it will still retain its functionality a year or two from now. If additionally, it is something that will improve your quality of life and aid in making your life just that little bit easier, you know you are on to a good thing.

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