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Complete your outdoor space with a swimming pool

7th July, 2016
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Whether you are looking for your first home or perhaps looking to upsize, having a swimming pool in your outdoor area is something coveted by many but it might not be feasible due to space, budget or otherwise. Rather than writing it off from the start, consider the installation of a petite pool- anything is possible if you have an outdoor area with just enough space.

Owning a pool does not necessarily mean that you require a large outdoor garden with a deck area to entertain a crowd. All you need is the space, and perhaps the right layout, to be able to enjoy a swimming pool of modest size, but one which will provide you with the wonderful ambience a pool can offer, the possibility of cooling off in the hot summers and even keeping fit in your own back yard!

Turn your backyard into a comfortable deck area

If you have invested in a modern looking home, this idea will complement your new home perfectly. Create a linear deck area and make a simple rectangular pool, a classic design which will complete your outdoor area and make it everything you hoped it would be! These pools can be as small as 9 by 18 feet so they are perfect for those outdoor areas which are limited in space.

Not a fan of the classic look? Dare to be different!

Depending on the space available and the style of your outdoor area, do not be afraid to experiment with the shape of your pool. Add some curves or follow the natural lights of your garden to create a unique swimming pool that blends in perfectly with its surroundings. Doing so will create that tropical ambience that fits perfectly with our Maltese summers and the atmosphere could be further improved by adding some dim lighting along the pool to create a perfect piece of paradise in your own home.

Make it work even when it seems impossible!


If space is limited and creating depth in the pool is proving to be problematic, rise above-literally! Build above the ground and create a wonderful place to relax. Make a Jacuzzi-style swimming pool and add depth by starting from above the ground. Space should not hinder your creativity and if a pool is what you want, then explore your options before deciding what your outdoor area must become.

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