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Top home improvement trends in 2022

18th May, 2022
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Home Improvement Trends

Our homes are becoming very good at improving our lives and making things easier for its occupants: just think of the advancement of smart technology alone! Due to our awareness of what we are doing to the planet, homeowners in Malta now opt for items that contribute to an increased level of sustainable living in the home, have a smaller carbon footprint and we even insist on purchasing repurposed or “new” items made from recycled or partly recycled material.

We look at some of the hottest trends in home interiors and what to look out for when upgrading or refurbishing a property. This can range from the raw materials to safety and security, the soft furnishings or the appliances and if you get it right it can add a lot of value to your property.

Smart technology

Smart technology arrived for home use some time ago, but the options and advancement of this sector is truly staggering. Prices have come down, many new items have appeared on the market and Google’s voice assistant and Alexa are cleverer than ever in helping us around the home.

Outdoor security cameras, a smart doorbell and smart locks are now all controlled via our phones. Having these installed in your home means you can see who is at the front door, arm your home remotely and also give access to people who need to enter your home even when you are elsewhere. Another benefit is that all these devices keep a log of who is entering and leaving and at what time. 

With smart lighting you can pre-set times for lights in different parts of the home to switch on and off, whether you are there or not. No-one will ever know! In addition there are air purifiers, robot vacuum cleaners, air-conditioning units and thermostats that can all be added to your automation sequence. Smart technology is energy efficient and adds a lot of value to your home, making it more saleable.

Home improvement

Be eco-friendly

We all love our solar-powered lights in Malta and with all the sunshine we get, they’re always on the ready when dark falls. Investing in better quality solar-powered products is important, as they will last much longer and are more eco-friendly. Solar-powered lights are available in a huge range: from security floodlights to twinkly fairy lights, lanterns for the BBQ area and there are even garden lights for walkways and ones that can float on your pool, changing colour and thus adding a festive atmosphere. 

Appliances that were legendary for consuming chunks of electricity such as air-conditioners all have inverter technology now, using a fraction of current. This not only lowers your electricity bill substantially, but is also far more eco-friendly. If you have old units with dated technology and outlawed CFC’s, replace them with new ones soonest as this will save you money in the long run and be far more appealing to buyers.

Recycled and ready

Whether you have a classic or contemporary interior, any decorator will tell you the best designs are composed of a mix of old and new. Invest in some classic Scandinavian mid-century pieces as they last, always look good and will only go up in value. Buying a design classic that is the genuine article and not a new reproduction is a sensible and stylish way of recycling.

When it comes to carpets and rugs, make sure you go for eco-friendly natural fibres and ask about the dyes that were used during the manufacturing process. Getting this spot-on will all ensure we do our bit in reducing the amount of harm being done to the planet and its ecosystems. With kitchens and bathrooms try and find some beautiful salvaged Victorian pieces you can incorporate as they will look great as a highlight, even in the most contemporary of homes. 

Home, office!

The home office is here to stay, whether it is a dedicated room or your dining room table. Working from home has secured its place as part of the working week for most companies. Not having to sit in traffic wasting fuel makes working from home is sensible solution and saves a lot of natural resources. Kit your home office out with sleek and functional items such as convenient plug and charging points for starters. You can triple the use of the room as a multi-media space or even an extra bedroom by having a comfortable and stylish sleeper couch somewhere and of course a wall-mounted television. 

Home Office

See through it all

Glass walls are a big design trend: it brings the outdoors inside and connects a home’s occupants with the rest of the world. It will also make you home seem more spacious and inviting and always ensure that you have double-glazing security glass installed as it is better at keeping the sound in or out and will also provide the best insulation, therefore lowering your heating or cooling bills.

Living large in the master bedroom

After the pandemic scare, we all have a far better appreciation for our bedrooms and part of that is having the convenience of a walk-in wardrobe, an adjacent dressing room or an en-suite. The preference by buyers is for big master bedrooms with lots of space, storage and convenience. 

The great outdoors

Our backyards, balconies and terraces are no longer just the place for a patch of dead grass or a storage space for unwanted appliances and bins! People want to use it daily to sit and relax, have a BBQ, hang out with neighbours and family and for those lucky enough, have a firepit night! Make sure your outdoor space it updated, repurposed and stylish. Having a useful outdoor space is one of the most requested must-haves by new buyers.  

I want to improve the look and functionality of my home, but what can I do?

If you feel your property is in desperate need of an upgrade and you are looking at potentially selling in the near future, why not give Frank Salt Real Estate’s Home Interiors Division a call to better your chances of selling? No job is too big or small and our team of experts will assist you all the way in getting it done. For more information on how to go about it, go to

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