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The Rise in Popularity of 1 Bedroom Apartments in Malta and Gozo

1st December, 2023
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one bedroom apartment in malta

One Bedroom Apartments For Sale

Until a few years ago many people would have scoffed at the idea of buying a one-bedroom apartment, but we can say with confidence that this is a thing of the past. There is a rising trend towards wanting to own smaller one-bedroom apartments and this has gained significant momentum all over the world. One-bedroom apartments getting the nod is driven by a combination of lifestyle preferences, economic factors and changing demographics. An awareness of environmental consciousness is also playing a huge role. Here are some key reasons behind the growing popularity of people investing in smaller living spaces such as one-bedroom apartments:

Minimalism and Simplicity

The unstoppable rise of minimalism as a lifestyle choice has influenced many individuals to prioritise utter simplicity as part of their lives and many of them have one major aim: to declutter. One-bedroom apartments inherently align beautifully with this philosophy as these homes offer a limited space that encourages people to focus on what truly matters to them. Owning or living in a one-bedroom apartment leaves literally no room for mess, clutter or objects and items that have no functional purpose. Out of interest, many studies have been conducted over the years that prove the interior of one’s home is a reflection of one’s state of mind…and we can surely all do with some peace, calm and organised simplicity in today’s world of excess and chaos. One-bedroomed apartments promote a sense of order and reduces the stress associated with maintaining a larger living space.

Affordability Comes with a Smaller Territory

In many urban areas, the increased cost of living and escalating real estate prices seems to have no end in sight. This is where one-bedroom apartments tend to be more affordable than larger homes, making them an attractive option for first-time buyers and those seeking to enter the property market without a substantial financial burden. With less square meterage, one-bedroom apartments also generally require less maintenance. This not only saves you money in the short term but also reduces the time and effort needed to keep your living space in good condition.

one bedroom apartment in malta

The Rise and Rise of Urbanisation and More Accessibility

As urbanisation in 2024 will continue, people are increasingly drawn to city living for its job opportunities, cultural attractions and the vibrant lifestyle on offer. One-bedroom apartments are often situated in prime urban locations, providing easy access to work, entertainment and fantastic amenities.

The Driving Force of Changing Demographics

With more people choosing to live independently, such as young professionals, students and individuals delaying marriage and family planning, there is a growing demand for housing solutions that cater to smaller households. In modern society we have also seen an increase of people that are simply not interested in getting married…ever. This all contributes to an increase in demand for smaller living spaces that are easy to manage and maintain. Single-person households are well-suited for individuals seeking a balance between independence and practicality. One-bedroom apartments also provide a cosy and intimate living space, fostering a sense of togetherness, even if you are single.

Environmental Consciousness

Smaller living spaces such as one-bedroomed apartments generally have a smaller ecological footprint. Individuals who are environmentally conscious may choose one-bedroom apartments as a way to reduce their energy consumption and overall impact on the environment. Smaller spaces are often more energy-efficient: heating, cooling and lighting costs can be lower in a one-bedroom apartment compared to a larger home, leading to savings on one’s utility bills.

Economic Considerations

Smaller apartments come with lower maintenance costs, reduced utility bills, and often require less furniture. This can be appealing to individuals or couples looking to manage their finances more efficiently and this allows them to allocate resources to other priorities. The allure of financial flexibility offered by one-bedroomed apartments can free up funds for other investments, travel or even personal pursuits.

one bedroom apartment in malta

Flexibility and Mobility

Smaller living spaces offer greater flexibility, making it easier for individuals to relocate for job opportunities or personal reasons. This makes it a very practical choice for those who value their mobility.

Technology and Remote Work

Remote work and the advancements in technology have changed the way people approach their professional lives. With the ability to work from anywhere, individuals may prioritise location-independent living, favouring smaller apartments that provide the freedom to choose where they work and reside simultaneously instead of having to travel to an office daily.

A Sense of Community and Social Trends

Smaller living spaces that are part of a block often come with shared amenities and communal spaces, fostering a sense of community among its residents. This appeals to individuals who value social connections and a more communal, social living experience.

Easier to Furnish and Decorate

Furnishing and decorating a one-bedroom apartment is generally more straightforward than a larger space. This allows for greater personalisation and can be a fun and creative process. People who live in smaller spaces also tend to invest in durable, practical quality items and furnishings.

one bedroom apartment in malta

The Potential for Future Rental Income

If you’re not planning to live in your one-bedroom apartment permanently, it can serve as a valuable investment property. You may choose to rent it out, providing a source of passive income or helping to cover mortgage costs. Because it costs less than bigger homes, you are also more likely to pay off any bonds or loans sooner without the need to sell it.


One-bedroom apartments often cater to a broad market, including young professionals, students, and those looking to downsize. This demand can make it easier to sell or rent out the property in the future. These apartments are also perfect to rent out to the tourism market and are easy to maintain and clean between a change of guests.


A one-bedroom apartment is not just a living space; it’s a strategic investment that offers financial benefits, a simpler lifestyle and enormous potential for future financial gains. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a couple, or an investor, a one-bedroom apartment can be a practical and lucrative property to buy and own. Frank Salt Real Estate can help you find the perfect one-bedroom apartment in any location nationwide. Contact one of our property specialists at a branch near you!

We look at a small selection of the one-bedroom apartments that are currently on the market:

1 Bedroom Apartments in Malta & Gozo

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