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The Top 12 Places to visit when in Gozo

23rd February, 2024
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places to see in gozo

Visiting Gozo.

Malta’s sister island, Gozo, often gets overshadowed by its flashier and fast-paced neighbour but this tiny island of about six (width) by fourteen (length) kilometres packs a mighty punch when it comes to charm, history and natural beauty. Here you will find golden sun-drenched beaches, ancient temples, dramatic cliffs, a walled citadel and friendly locals – Gozo has it all. So, next time when you are in Malta or simply want an escape as a local, ditch the crowds and hop on the ferry for an unforgettable adventure on quaint Gozo! We guarantee you will make memories that will be cherished forever. Let’s see just some of the places that are waiting to be discovered:


Citadella Rabat Gozo

1.Victoria/ir-Rabat and it’s Citadella

Get your bearings in Victoria or ir-Rabat as it is locally known. Victoria is Gozo’s capital and this is where you can explore the charming squares such as St George’s and St Francis. Wander through the bustling alleys with its market stalls near St George’s and be prepared: the alleys in Victoria are a photographer’s dream and make for the best architectural shots with its colourful doors, brass door knockers and tiny little Juliet balconies. Then there are the colourful religious statues and niches on street corners and the intricate stonework and carvings that can be found everywhere you look.

Take a break at one of the many coffee shops and restaurants before you climb the steps up to the fortified Citadella for panoramic views over most of Gozo. The Citadella is believed to originally have been the acropolis of the Punic-Roman city of Gaulos. The location was also a backdrop for scenes from Game of Thrones but this is also where you will find the Cathedral of Gozo which is dedicated to Santa Marija. When in the Citadella, make sure to visit the law courts and the bishop’s palace. Inside the walls are Norman-style windows an arches to marvel at and some Bronze Age grain storage silos just outside the walls to the Citadella…spend some time wandering around as there are a lot more to discover in the Citadella than what meets the eye.

Ggantija Temples Gozo

2. Step back in time…and we mean way back

The Megalithic marvels of the Ggantija Temples at Xaghra, some of the oldest freestanding structures in the world, date back 5,500 years! These megalithic wonders will leave you awestruck and have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some of the artefacts and statuettes found at Ġgantija can be viewed when visiting the Museum of Archaeology in Victoria.

azure dwejra window gozo

3. The legacy of the Azure Window

While the iconic archway collapsed some time ago in 2017, the dramatic cliffs and crystal-clear waters of Dwejra Bay remain breathtaking. Take a boat trip to explore the caves and the Inland Sea, a natural lagoon perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Look underfoot and marvel at the fossils of shells, sea urchins and other crustaceans captured forever in what was once the seabed. The site was also a setting for Game of Thrones and if you glance over your shoulder, you will see the legendary Fungus Rock which got its name from a purportedly miracle fungus (Cynomorium coccineus) that only grew on this edifice and could cure a number of ailments.

ta pinu church gozo

4. Ta’ Pinu

Seek solace at the Ta’ Pinu Basilica, a magnificent church known for its miracles. Its neo-Romanesque architecture and serene atmosphere offer a moment of peace amidst the island’s bustle. While you are there, do not forget to climb Ta’ Għammar Hill opposite where you will come across 14 marble statues presenting scenes from the Stations of the Cross.

San Blass Beach gozo

5. San Blas is bliss

Gozo boasts some really stunning beaches, each with its own unique character. Ramla Bay, with its golden sands and shallow waters, is perfect for families. Xlendi Bay, nestled between cliffs, offers a charming atmosphere and water sports with an array of famous restaurants offering a variety of cuisine. For a secluded escape, try the inlet of Mgarr Ix-Xini close to Sannat or San Blas Bay which is located on the north-coast of the island and is accessible through Nadur.

salt pans gozo qbajjar

6. Salt of the earth

Discover the traditional art of salt production at the Marsalforn Salt Pans just past Qbajjar Bay. Witness the age-old methods and admire the geometric patterns of the salt beds. Take home a bag of this unique souvenir!

Food in Gozo

7. Food, glorious food!

Gozo’s cuisine is a delicious blend of fresh seafood, Maltese specialties and some with Mediterranean influences. Sample local delicacies like rabbit stew (fenek), ravioli filled with cheeselets (ġbejna) and bragioli (beef stew). Don’t forget to indulge in Gozo’s award-winning wines!

ta dbiegi craft village gozo

8. Arts, crafts and culture

Immerse yourself in the local crafts scene at Ta’ Dbiegi Crafts Village. Watch artisans work with silver, glass, ceramics, leather, wood and textiles and find unique souvenirs to treasure or buy as gifts for loved ones. Try the little restaurant at the entrance as their food is always fresh and very affordable.

quad bikes gozo

9. Quadbike, cycle or Segway your way across Gozo

Explore Gozo’s hidden gems making use of alternative transport as there are many companies on the islands that specialise in this kind of activity. Follow scenic trails along the coast, through valleys and past traditional villages. See the mysterious cart-ruts of Gozo, the dolmens just outside Sannat on the ta’ Cenc plateau, then there’s a series of fortifications and watchtowers all over Gozo, all offering stunning views and a unique historical experience for the day.

the inslands sea gozo

10. Discover the natural beauty of Gozo

Discover Gozo’s hidden coves and dramatic cliffs from a different perspective. Kayak tours around Dwejra and Comino offer unforgettable sights and a refreshing dip in secluded bays. There are also many walking trails around the cliffs and even through open fields, but always abide by the rules of private property rights. Here’s just some of the caves on Gozo you can explore: Dragons Breath at Mgarr Ix-Xini, Hondoq Cave, Ras Il-Kanun or the Cave Of Wheat, L’Ghar ta Santa Katarina, Tal-Mixta, Ninu’s Cave at Xaghra and Xerri’s Grotto also at Xaghra.

Land For Sale in Malta and Gozo

11. Experience the best starry nights

Escape the lights of Malta and witness the night sky in all its stunning glory. Gozo’s minimal light pollution makes it a haven for stargazers. Head to the Sanap Cliffs or to Gharb or San Lawrenz for an unforgettable celestial show.

comino island

12. Comino and the Blue Lagoon

Comino falls under the jurisdiction of Ghajnsielem local council, Gozo and it is one of the must-see places on any itinerary when visiting Gozo. In summer the place can be crowded, so why not visit during the winter or off season? It has its own specific charm when all the tourists have dispersed with many visitors saying it is the best time to experience Comino’s real beauty.

Why move to Gozo?

Gozo is an island that will surprise you at every turn. So, pack your bags, embrace the laid-back charm, and get ready for an adventure you won’t forget! Gozitan life is lived at a slower pace and it is the perfect place to reconnect, recharge and see what the quality of life is really about! If you fall in love with Gozo and want to make it your permanent or holiday home, we at Frank Salt Real Estate are best suited to make your dreams come true. We have properties for sale and for rent in all price ranges and locations across the island and we have two offices in Victoria ready to serve you.

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