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The perfect summer home: A Villa with a swimming pool!

1st July, 2022
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House with a Pool

It is the epitome of summer: a crystal-clear pool shimmering from its garden setting or pool deck, inviting and cool… and the perfect antidote for a blistering hot summer’s day in Malta!

Benefits of a pool

The benefits of owning a home with a pool are numerous. As we have seen, vacationing at home is the new trend and opting for a “staycation” will also save you a lot of hassles, money and time as you have everything right there, all year, every year… especially if you have a pool! At the same time you will get to spend more time with your family, young and old and it will do wonders for your relationship that you have with your entire family. 

Another added benefit is that your pool is a gym in itself: no matter how modest the exercise, you will benefit from the low resistance and low impact the water provides, ideal for toning muscles and improving your overall health. Swimming is one of the very best exercise types for all ages and the positive benefits it will have on your quality of sleep is also well-known.

Summer heat in Malta

Primarily pools are there to beat the summer heat, which in Malta can be scorching at times but what can be better than organising and having a weekend pool party? Celebrate just being together with the family, have it as the perfect setting for birthday parties or simply organise that long overdue soiree to have your loved ones over. 

Villa in Malta

Swimming pools are often the focal point for any pictures taken around your home and it adds tremendous value when it comes to your homes “curb appeal”. Homes photographed with pools in the foreground are beautiful, attract attention and often get good offers when offered for sale, not only due to the practically of the pool or its photogenic qualities, but also because of the fact that it adds a certain social status. 

Convenience of having a pool

For many homeowners that have pools, the convenience of being able to swim all year is another added bonus, so having a heated pool during the winter months mean you never have to have a break in enjoying your home’s best asset!

In the past many buyers were hesitant about buying a home with a pool due to the maintenance that it required, but with today’s home automation and smart devices, the upkeep of a pool is now a breeze.

If you are looking at selling or buying a home with a pool, why not give us a call on +35622770136

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