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We Reveal the Top 7 Most Popular Types of Properties for Rent in Malta and Gozo

15th December, 2023
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property to rent in malta

Popular Properties For Rent in Malta

Have you always wondered what the top property types are on Malta and Gozo for renting or purchasing to rent out as an investment? We clear up the debate! It is well-known that people in this country prefer to buy their own properties to live in, but that said, the rentals market catering for locals is on the increase both long- and short-term and we do not foresee this changing soon.

When it comes to finding the perfect property to rent or rent out, you have to consider a few factors, no matter whether it is long or short term. Of course the most obvious will be your budget, but other factors like the number of people that will occupy the dwelling, location, lifestyle and amenities will ultimately influence your final decision.

We had a thorough look at the top seven property types that always get rented or bought for rental investment purposes and they are:

1. Penthouses for rent in Malta or Gozo

Known for luxury, views and space plus the finest of finishes and fittings, penthouses in Malta and Gozo appeal to lots of people who want to have absolute privacy and something a bit more special. With their outdoor space such as terraces and large balconies or even entire roofs, penthouses in Malta and Gozo could just be perfect for you. With an abundance of natural light, private access and more outdoor space than a conventional apartment, a penthouse may just be perfect for you to rent or purchase to rent out to discerning clients. Some penthouses even have their own pools, plunge pools or Jacuzzis. Penthouses may be a tad more expensive than an ordinary apartment, but the demand for them is usually high and they command good income from being rented out.

Penthouses in Malta

2. Apartments for rent in Malta or Gozo

When it comes to apartments in Malta or Gozo, there are aplenty. It is the country’s most bountiful property type, but if you are looking for the best areas to buy an apartment with an eye on renting it out, then Sliema and St Julian’s are your number one locations in Malta. In Gozo it could be Victoria, Xlendi, Marsalforn, Mgarr or Xaghra because those are the most popular areas for rentals, especially during the summer months.

Most apartment blocks of four or more floors nowadays are required to have a lift which is an asset when buying or renting. Apartments on the ground floor can have their own courtyards while those higher up will have larger balconies and terraces. High-end apartment blocks may have amenities such as communal gardens and swimming pools, underground parking and more. Apartments have a bigger plus point when it comes to security, as access can be controlled, monitored and you always have neighbours close by to keep an eye out for you when you are not there.

apartments for rent

3. Farmhouses for rent in Malta or Gozo

Towns over the years may have encroached on the once remote farmhouse on Malta and Gozo, but many can still be found in rural areas, making them perfect for those who cherish their privacy. Most farmhouses have been updated and modernised even though they may be centuries old and many have pool decks, gardens and/or inner courtyards. This makes them ideal for families and those who like to entertain, as the summer is perfect for making use of the open spaces for al fresco dining.

Farmhouses are usually full of quirky reminders of their working pasts with mangers, water troughs, wells and even pigeon coops still evident in parts of the construction. Many owners treasure these reminders of the past and repurpose them. Farmhouses are easy to convert into B&B’s or even boutique hotels due to the space and amenities they have on offer. Farmhouses in Malta and Gozo usually require ongoing maintenance, but this is something their loving owners gladly take care of as these properties are always extremely sought-after.

farmhouse for rent

4. Houses of Character for rent in Malta and Gozo

Becoming as rare as a hen’s teeth, houses of character in Malta and Gozo are sought-after, especially if they have been upgraded and converted and have all the mod cons for modern-day living. These homes are usually large, have high ceilings and open spaces such as courtyards and gardens, perfect for a pool. Suitable for bigger families who want to be surrounded by the craftsmanship of yesteryear, houses of character are in big demand and make excellent rentals for investors.

house of character for rent

5. Maisonettes for rent in Malta and Gozo

Maisonettes are similar to apartments but they all have separate ground floor entrances. This ensures privacy for its occupants and maisonettes are perfectly suited for smaller families. Some have their own outdoor spaces like a courtyard or a garden while upper floor maisonettes may come with its own roof space or terrace. Maisonettes have all the perks of both an apartment and a house although you may have to share some part of the building with neighbours. Maisonettes are very popular and sought-after due to their usual bigger size and location in or close to town.

maisonette for rent

6. Terraced Houses for rent in Malta and Gozo

Terraced houses usually date from just after the Second World War and can usually be found on the outer perimeters of towns and villages. Preferred by families due to their large size, terraced houses usually come with private garages or underground parking spaces interconnected to the property and most will have a yard, back garden or even a swimming pool. Terraced houses are usually found in a row or very close to others and are almost always constructed of traditional limestone. Interiors are generous and will most likely feature impressive arches and stairways leading to the upper floors. Terraced houses are an unlikely candidate for those who regularly have a good house party, as you will find yourself in hot water with the neighbours due to their close proximity to one another.

terraced house for rent

7. Villas for rent in Malta or Gozo

This is the true Mediterranean dream of many, as villas for rent in Malta or Gozo can usually be found located on large plots of land. Villas are spacious, almost always luxurious, offer loads of privacy and may have swimming pools, fountains and even tennis courts. Some villas have stunning views over the sea or countryside and are perfect for large families and those who love to impress and entertain. Villas make the perfect rentals for affluent individuals who demand the best of everything and villas are also perfect for short-term rentals during the summer for an increasing number of very discerning clients who are prepared to pay premium prices. The capital appreciation of villas are also above average as they not only retain but also increase their value during times of economic turmoil, providing investors with the perfect hedge.

With our vast database at Frank Salt Real Estate we have properties of all kinds, in all budget ranges and in locations across the entire nation, so you will be spoilt for choice!

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