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Let the Outdoors Indoors! Tips on Achieving Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

3rd April, 2019
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Knock, knock. Who’s there? The great outdoors! As one of the European countries boasting the most amount of sunlight throughout the year, Malta is the perfect place to bring the outdoors, indoors. From choosing the right materials to picking the right apertures, here are some tips on creating a seamless indoor-outdoor space, brought to you by Frank Salt Real Estate – leading independent estate agency in Malta.


From pretty plants in hanging woven baskets to a gorgeous, tough Yukka, nothing screams ‘outdoors’ quite like adding greenery inside, and the bigger the plant, the bigger the visual impact. When you embellish your interiors with houseplants, it’s not just greenery you’re adding. These living organisms enhance the quality of life within your home’s four walls. Firstly, adding plants – such as the Spider or Snake Plant – can increase oxygen levels and purify the air by removing toxins, making breathing easier. To purify the air, it is recommended to have roughly one 6-8-inch diameter pots for every 10 square metres.


Although the longing for indoor-outdoor living is often inspired by properties found in warmer climates, there is also a certain magical charm about watching the rain pour down from the dryer side of the glass.

Update doors for maximum light

There’s a range of doors available that serve the purpose of maximising light; from sliding doors to bi-fold doors with narrow framing, as well as French doors for a lovely touch of charm.


There’s no reason natural light should be limited to doors and windows! If you have the opportunity to install a skylight, the dreamy, aquarium-like effect of the sun penetrating through and reaching the ground is gorgeous. Now all you need is a comfortable chair and a good book to enjoy the spot of sun.

Wooden features and accents

Natural and organic materials create the sense of being in the outdoors. Use rougher textures indoors, such as exposed brickwork, and if that’s not an option, opt for wallpapers with that effect to recreate the look.

The Right Flooring

Using the same flooring inside and outside is an age-old trick to visually enlarge the space. You could choose to give the outdoor tiles a different treatment for a more honed finish.

Take it one step further and grow your own herbs in the kitchen!

Basil? Chives? Mint? Keep your kitchen supplied with fresh herbs all year and add some literal life into the heart of your home.

Let Us Turn Your House into a Home: Leading Estate Agency in Malta

Once you get it right, you’re going to want to spend more time at home with your doors open, enjoying the warm sunlight and breeze… or longing for it! As a leading estate agency In Malta, among our services, we also offer a trained and experienced interior design team that can handle all projects from start to finish, who can help create a seamless indoor-outdoor space for you to enjoy all year round. Contact us now for more information on the services we offer and how we can help you!

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