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How to get copy of Property Deed online in Malta

16th February, 2024
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copy of property deed online

Get your copy of your property deed online!

When a property is bought, the property needs to be registered with the Malta Land Register. The property deed will be issued upon signage. It does not matter whether the property is bought by a company or a natural person. The purpose of the land register is to keep track of the sale and ownership of plots of land, commercial and residential property in the whole of Malta and Gozo.

In this article we will explain the divisions and main functions of the Land Registry and why their role is so important in all matters related to real estate.

The law regarding real estate in Malta

The most important laws that govern all real estate transactions in Malta are the land Registration Law and the Civil Code, the first which also contain articles and descriptions why the Land Register was created in the first place.

Until not so long ago, the Maltese Land Register was part of Identity Malta but now it is under the Maltese Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects. 

copy of property deed online

The offices or divisions of the Land Registry and their various functions are:

  • The Receiving Office is responsible for receiving applications for property registration, search forms, condominium applications and the issuing of Land Registry plans. They also collect application fees.
  • The Land Registry has two Assistant Land Registrars. They review the applications to ensure all data is accurate and approve them.
  • The Drawing Office handles all applications by verifying the data and digitizing the Land Registry plans. They also respond to E-search requests.
  • The Data Input Section is responsible for registering all applications, tracking all files, and entering all data into the Land Registry.
  • The Prezentata Section is the newest department in the Land Registry and is responsible for conducting searches regarding all individuals and legal entities that want to register or transfer properties.


The importance of due diligence

Always keep in mind that in transactions between buyers and sellers, the final Deed of Sale will only be signed after all searches and investigations are done and no issues have cropped up. It is therefore extremely important that due diligence is carried out by the Land Registry upon the request of the Notary tasked with the legal aspects regarding the sale of a property.

copy of property deed online

So who’s allowed to access the Maltese Land Register?

Unfortunately it can be accessed by the Land Register’s own employees only. If you require any information regarding real estate in Malta, you have to submit a request to the Land Register as they are the only ones who have the ability to verify all the information is correct and just. You can submit your request for information by going to the online portal of the Land Registry at

You will be required to complete a request form and pay a small fee. Some of the requests will be processed by the Land Register Directorate where needed.

What information will the Land Registry have for me regarding a property?

The Land Registry will have the flowing information available and continually updates any information that may become available for any given property on:

  • Malta residential and commercial property and who the owners are
  • Malta lands, plots of land and forests
  • The value of a property at a certain date
  • If there were any issues or problems with a property at any given time
  • The technical details and size of the property
  • A breakdown indicated on a map of all plots of land and divisions on any of the islands whether it is commercial or residential


Other additional information that will be available through the Land Registry:

  • Whether there are loans or mortgages taken out on the property
  • Who the previous owners were
  • What purposes the property is used for


As Malta’s oldest and biggest real estate group, we are always there to advise you regarding all property matters. If you want any more information regarding the Malta Land Registry, please give us a call or visit any of our 16 branches nationwide.

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