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Updating your rental apartment on a shoestring budget

9th February, 2021
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We all have the idea that for an apartment to look good, you will have to spend a lot of money. This cannot be further from the truth: when it comes to good style and taste, educate yourself on what can be done with very little money and this knowledge will last you a lifetime plus ensure that your apartment remains the number one choice for tenants.

The secret is that even people with very deep pockets who have a great sense of style and taste, have gained this knowledge over many years of experience and most of them also do not like spending money, that’s why they have so much of it! It’s all about being “penny wise, pound foolish”. We share our top tips on how to make any apartment look fantastic on even the smallest of budgets.

Get rid of clutter

You will never make a good start if your home is filled with clutter and clapped-out items, so instead of planning new purchases, plan on what to get rid of first. If it does not serve a purpose, bin it, sell it, or donate it to charity. Less is more.

Use what you already have

Many vintage or retro pieces have made a comeback over the years and a very good classic piece will never go out of style. Mid-century pieces are very sought-after and so are Scandinavian classics. Their secret lies in their clean-cut, simplistic design and elegant proportions and you may already have some of these in your home.

Explore all the options

If you are after a specific item, compare several shops’ prices, go to sales and look online at the second-hand market. You will be surprised to find that many retailers get rid of old stock by advertising them on social media or as available in their factory shops at discounted prices.

Stay neutral

If you stay neutral with design colours, furniture, and finishes, you will be guaranteed to get your tenant. With neutrals, you will be able to switch and interchange décor pieces and furniture to revive the look of a room or even a whole apartment.

Beware of new and cheap

It is very easy to buy something just because it looks like a bargain. You may unknowingly be wasting your money and you may also be adding to the clutter! Rather save up, be patient, shop around and find a piece you really want.

Going, going, gone

Auctions are not only for the wealthy, they are for the savvy. You will be surprised at the value for money you can find in these treasure troves so rather than buying new, look at auctions first.

A blank wall is your enemy

An essential element in sprucing up your home is to have complementary art on the walls. Avoid mass-produced pieces, as everyone will know what you paid for it and where you got it. Rather go to art-school exhibitions and acquire a tasteful, good piece or have one done on commission by a qualified artist. It costs less than you think and you will have a one-off piece for life.

The last word

  • If you have to buy new, buy things that are within your colour scheme and things that are fuss-free and simple in design. Buy items in classic design shapes, things that are monochromatic and stick to one item of a kind.
  • If you go for second-hand, look at the bottom or top shelves of shops where no-one else looks. Also be prepared to get your hands dirty, as these shops have 10% of treasures and 90% of trash, so you will have to look everywhere to find that special piece. This is what the professionals all do!

Need help with furnishing or updating your rental property?

A member of our Home Interiors team, together with one of our Letting Consultants, can come over to get a feel of the property. We will be able to put together a list of what is required to freshen up the space, together with a cost estimate. Once approved our handymen can take care of carrying out any dirt works required, whilst our home interiors can help you source any furniture or finishing needed.

The result? Your property will be prepped up to achieve the best rental return possible, ensuring a timely, cost-effective and hassle-free process for you.

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