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The Curtains vs Blinds Saga for Rental Properties

9th February, 2021
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All properties that are rented out will have blinds or curtains, or a mix of both. People often ask which is best, but there is no definitive answer. Your choice of blinds or curtains is a preferential matter but either can make or break any room… or even the property. Have a look at our tips below for each to ensure you get the best out of any room, no matter what your choice.


  • With curtains, you will have a vast selection of designs and fabric types to choose from, not to mention the style of finishing that can be applied.
  • Ready made options are great for smaller openings, which can be found at furniture stores. However larger openings should use custom-made curtains, and don’t worry they don’t have to break the bank!
  • A cardinal rule is that curtains should always go all the way down to the floor and of course be mounted above the window. This gives much-needed height to your room.
  • Do not skimp on the amount of panels, the more the better. There’s nothing worse looking than economising on curtain panels: having too few can ruin a room and make it look cheap.
  • When the curtains are closed you should have a generous amount of folds left over, at least double the amount needed to cover a window.
  • Curtains can also keep the heat and light in or out and are best at this, far better than blinds, so they are ideal for bedrooms.
  • Curtains, especially thick fabric ones can also aid in drowning out noise.


    • Better at conserving energy
    • Helps with eliminating noise
    • More choice
    • Ready-made curtains are available nearly everywhere


    • More expensive
    • Can make a room look smaller
    • Can be prone to mould and damp
    • Requires effort to clean

curtains malta


  • Blinds are mostly cheaper than curtains, so it is budget-friendly and can be fitted in almost any room, big or small.
  • Blinds have one drawback: they will never block out the light and noise as curtains do and they are very good at collecting dust and can easily after some time look dirty.
  • Blinds will thus require cleaning more frequently, although this is easier than in the case of curtains.
  • One school likes vertical blinds, the other horizontal or Venetian as it’s called. There’s also the Roman blinds which are a mix between curtains and blinds. Just keep in mind that blinds will be a strong design element in your home due to the lines they create and can also be very irritating when you have a door or window open and the wind is blowing.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • A wide variety is available


  • Dust-prone so gets dirty quickly
  • Do not eliminate light, noise, and heat as effectively as curtains
  • When the wind blows you will have to close windows and doors or open the blinds to stop it from making a noise

In the end, there is really no definitive answer on which is best, curtains or blinds. As a landlord, your taste, budget, and preference will prevail and you have to do what suits the property best. It just makes sense to better the chances of letting the property out and this is where our Home Interiors Division can be of help in advising you on what to do if you are still unsure of what to do.

Need help with furnishing or updating your rental property?

A member of our Home Interiors team, together with one of our Letting Consultants, can come over to get a feel of the property. We will be able to put together a list of what is required to freshen up the space, together with a cost estimate. Once approved our handymen can take care of carrying out any dirt works required, whilst our home interiors can help you source any furniture or finishing needed.

The result? Your property will be prepped up to achieve the best rental return possible, ensuring a timely, cost-effective and hassle-free process for you.

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