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Get Your Home Summer Ready with These Tips

7th July, 2021
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Home Summer Ready

Here on the Maltese islands, summer is in full swing. With the long days of winter forgotten, it is time to spruce up, clean out, rearrange, and refresh. Having your apartmentpenthouse or townhouse in tip-top shape for summer will not only look good, it will also boost your mood and senses to tackle the hot days ahead. Here are our tips for making your home summer ready:

Pack away all the winter woollies

Pack away winter clothes, air your cupboards and then arrange your summer wardrobe in place. This also goes for linens, sheets, bedspreads and electric blankets…in fact anything you won’t need during the summer. Pack everything neatly in airtight labelled storage boxes or wrap it in plastic bags and seal it so nothing can get inside, neither moisture nor insects.
Winter Woollies
Clean Airco Filters

Clean airco filters

During the hot Malta summers we need our air conditioners to work all the time and work perfectly. Something we all seem to neglect or overlook is some minor maintenance of our ACs that is inexpensive and requires very little effort or money.  If left for too long it can cost you a lot too and leave you steaming, financially and figuratively. Ideally, filters should be cleaned or replaced every 90 days but if you have pets or experience a lot of sand or dust where you live, do this once a month. Remove the filters on the head and brush all the fluff and sand off and then wash them under a tap. Let it dry. When dry, reinstall. With the compressor unit, you can wash it with a sprayer and hose but definitely NOT a high
pressure cleaner as this may damage it. 

Be BBQ party ready

Since we never use them in the winter, last summer’s grease and fat may have been forgotten on your gas BBQ and grill. Use a wire brush, dish-washing liquid soap and even old newspapers to wipe off the dirt on the grill after brushing it vigorously with the soap solution. When it’s clean and dry, fire it up and let it get nice and hot to kill off any microbes that you may have missed. Once done, you’re all set to invite your friends and family over to host a much-needed BBQ party!

BBQ Party Ready
Check Smoke and Fire Detectors

Check smoke and fire detectors

Smoke and fire detectors are not infallible so these life savers need to be checked regularly. Over time, these devices’ parts can wear out or their batteries can die. Testing them regularly is a simple way to ensure you and your family stay safe inside your home.

Clean window and door screens

Window and door insect screens can collect a lot of dust here in Malta over the months. Get them washed down with a hose and sprayer and for a thorough clean, mix some vinegar in a bucket of water and scrub the screens with a brush. Afterwards rinse with water and let it air-dry. They will look as good as new.

Clean Window

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