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What Type of Housemate are You?

11th July, 2018
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There are many benefits to having a housemate; splitting the cost of rent is an obvious one, while others also enjoy the companionship and social aspect of sharing your home with another person.

Having said that, people are like chocolates – you’ll never know what you’re going to get until you open them! Here are some of the most common types of housemates you’ll meet when renting property in Malta, brought to you by Frank Salt.

The Ghost

Arguably the best kind of housemate – they’re never there! This person has a stable 9-5 job, a full social life and a family they visit frequently over the weekends. Throughout the week, they often sleep over at their significant other’s, leaving you with the place to yourself more often than not.

The Messy Bessie

In their world, the sink is there for storage as opposed to hygiene, leaving mountains of dishes and plates slowly build until there’s a Taj Mahal of mould and dirt. Wardrobes are so passé – floodrobes are where it’s at. No need to guess where your cereal bowl or favourite mugs always end up; the Messy Bessie loves to hoard things in their own bedroom as though Doomsday were on the horizon.

The Clean Freak

You might think that the polar opposite of the Messy Bessie would be the perfect antidote – but there are plenty of cons. Yes, the kitchen is always spotless and there are always clean plates and cutlery – but woe betide anyone who accidentally spills some coffee or drops a few crumbs on the floor. Kim Jong Un himself would start looking like a better flatmate option…

The Party Animal

Planning on having a quiet night in? Forget it. It’s the Party Animal’s world and you just live in it. They’ll always manage to find an excuse to get sloshed and are usually so charming and persuasive, you’ll find yourself stumbling around the streets at 3am, wondering how you got there and how your life turned out this way. Don’t be surprised if you wake up the next morning and find a street sign stashed in the corner of the living room…

The Chef

If you end up with The Chef as a flatmate, congratulations –  you’ve struck gold! You’ll never have to worry about what to eat for dinner that evening or cooking as soon as you get home from work. Just make sure to help out with the cleaning up and offer to pitch in with the groceries from time to time.

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Frank Salt can’t 100% guarantee the type of people you’ll end up living with – but we can help you in your search for renting property in Malta. Our services are available for both short and long lets, and our experienced team can assist you with finding a rental property to suit your budget.

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