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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Evaluating New Tenants

27th December, 2018
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With an increasing number of people all over the island on the lookout for houses or apartments for rent in Malta, landlords are being tasked with growing responsibilities and obligations that come with renting out property.

As with a box of chocolates, the pool of tenants is unpredictable – you never know what you’re going to get! The team at Frank Salt Real Estate shares some useful advice below on evaluating new tenants.

1. Ask Them Why They are Moving In

From wanting more room for themselves to a change of job location, there are many reasons why someone would want to move. However, there are some, shall we say, unsavoury reasons to counter the ones mentioned previously – they could have been evicted by a previous landlord for breaking the rules, for example, or perhaps the neighbours and flatmates raised complaints. Either way, it’s best to know for certain.

2. Confirm the Deposit Amount and First Month’s Rent

If you notice that the tenant is hesitant to hand over the required deposit and first rent upon moving in, it’s an unfortunate sign of things to come. Their unwillingness to pay could be related to their financial situation, possibly spelling further trouble down the line.

3. Are They Bringing Along any Furry Friends?

In a previous blog, we included various why’s and how’s of renting out a pet-friendly property. Before a new tenant moves in, always check if they have any pets and if so, how many. Make sure that you go over the pet policy agreement (if there is one included in the rental contract) and that they are aware of any extra costs or clauses related to any damage caused by those paws or claws.

4. Trust Your Instincts

Have you taken every step possible but still feel that something is off? It’s always best to go with your gut feeling regarding these matters, especially if you happen to be a particularly good judge of character.

5. Signed, Sealed and Delivered (I’m Yours) – The Lease Signing

They’ve met all your criteria and have held up well against your eagle eye. Congratulations – you are now the proud landlord of a new tenant! Go through the entire contract carefully with them, making sure that they fully understand all the rules and regulations.

Do You Own Houses or Apartments for Rent? We at Frank Salt Real Estate Want to Hear From You!

If evaluating new tenants is a hassle, our experienced property consultants will be happy to play matchmaker and find you the perfect one! Frank Salt Real Estate has been helping people find property and apartments for rent in Malta for 50 years – have a look at our Property Management Services, and feel free to contact us for any additional info.

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