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The Benefits of Buying Through a Real Estate Agency

14th August, 2018
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Buying property is an exciting process, yet with all the options available, knowing how to go about it may be an overwhelming process – especially for newbies. With the intention of cutting costs any way they can, some buyers try to avoid paying commission by bypassing estate agents.

So what’s the point of buying a property through an agency? The team at Frank Salt, leading real estate agency in Malta, explains.

1. More options

The database of property for sale is wider than what viewers have access to. In some cases, property owners don’t want their home advertised actively, for a number of reasons such as being in the public eye, financial problems or divorce. Either way, working with a real estate agent gives you access to homes you might otherwise miss seeing. Therefore, individuals who bypass a real estate agency may end up buying an inferior property at a higher price because they didn’t have any advice to go on, whilst having a much narrower range of properties to see.

2. Time-Saving

Unless you have time to make house-hunting a part-time job, an agent can save you time by narrowing down the list of available places. Once you’ve communicated what you’re (not) looking for, an agent will have a good idea of the properties that might fit your requirements. Having probably viewed the place themselves or been in touch with colleagues who have, the agents at Frank Salt will prevent you from wasting your time viewing properties that won’t work for you, and being unpleasantly surprised with issues photos might be concealing.

3. Experience & Knowledge

With all the properties they’ve seen, agents have a good idea of how much a place in a particular location should cost by taking other similar available properties into consideration. While anyone can spend a few minutes online and pull information on sales of comparable houses, real estate agents have enough experience to know whether a specific house is overpriced or not.

4. Negotiation

As level-headed as you think you are, when you’re arguing with a seller over a price or issue, it’s easy to lose your cool. Having a middle man to be objective and be the mutual point of contact between the seller and buyer saves you the trouble of getting overly emotional about the deal. A trained and experienced agent can handle every offer and counter-offer in negotiations calmly, without awkwardness, and can advise accordingly.

From being informed about different types of ground rent to available government schemes and loans, agents know the ins and outs of the business. If you’re not up for having to keep your eyes peeled every day for the newest property for sale to pop up onto your screen or make an infinite amount of phone calls daily chasing property owners, our knowledgeable agents at Frank Salt provide a real value-added service and have the best interest of our clients at heart.

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