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Sustainability is the Name of the Game

17th May, 2019
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‘Long term sustainability’ was the key subject during a meeting between Godfrey Swain, Chairman of Frank Salt, Let’s Go Environmental and Antonello Gauci CEO of Inspire Foundation.

The two met with a team of experts to add the finishing touches to a new environmental and social project that will shortly be launched between Frank Salt Real Estate and Inspire Foundation. The goal is to do something different and undertake an innovative mega project that will deliver a long term benefit to The Inspire Foundation.

Originally the brainchild of Frank Salt director Grahame Salt, once realized, the term benefits to The Inspire Foundation, will be priceless. The Inspire Foundation is today, a household name in Malta. It works with children and adults with disabilities providing programs and services to help them reach their full potential.

“Together with Frank Salt Real Estate, we have been working on the planning and logistics of this project for well over a year now, and we are very much looking forward to the forthcoming announcement once the last finishing touches to the project are completed,” stated Inspire CEO Antonello Gauci.

This project is being launched on the 50th anniversary of Frank Salt Real Estate stated Frank Salt Director and Chairman of ‘Let’s Go Environmental’ committee and will be, by far, the biggest single CSR project undertaken by the company over the years. “Our hope is that this project, once unveiled and launched will serve as an example to many other well-meaning companies who want to genuinely make a major contribution back to the society that sustains the success of a business in the long term.”

Read more about our Let’s Go Environmental initiative.

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