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Sliema Frank Salt Real Estate Water Polo back in action

2nd July, 2020
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Water polo days are back! After months of complete standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the boys are finally back in the water, training hard for the upcoming summer league.

COVID-19 has caused a significant disruption within the sporting world. In fact, every aspect of sports has been affected by this pandemic. From a local water polo perspective, the season has been brought to a complete halt with the postponement of the Enemed Cup and the subsequent cancellation of this year’s Winter League. Nonetheless, the biggest challenge brought about by the outbreak remains, without any shadow of doubt, a financial one. It is therefore in such exceptional circumstances that a voluntary run club like Sliema ASC not only relies but also appreciates the financial support of business organisations like Frank Salt Real Estate.

The company has once again renewed its commitment to support Sliema ASC throughout this season. “This year was not an easy one for anyone but we still stuck by the club and carried on with our sponsorship” said director, Grahame Salt. “We strongly believe that sports activity is an extremely important element of any society and we are really happy to see our lives regain normality and be able to do what we love best,” Grahame continued.

“FSRE have been the club’s main sponsors for a number of years now and on behalf of the Sliema ASC community, I would like to express our gratitude for their continuous support. From our side we will continue to do our utmost as to ensure that our collaboration remains mutually beneficial for both parties”, added Sliema ASC president Kevin Saliba.

Following a period of uncertainty, it has now been confirmed that the local water polo season will resume on the 15th July with the continuation of the Enemed Cup in which Sliema ASC is very well positioned to make the semi-final stage. A few days after its completion, the national summer championship will commence. Following last year’s runner up placing, the club’s objective is that of going one better this year. They have invested heavily in the squad over the winter months and completed two key signings, precisely that of experienced centre John Brownrigg and also Malta’s national team goalkeeper Nicholas Grixti.

Frank Salt Real Estate and Sliema ASC both have somethings in common – passion, drive, excellence, commitment and dedication to be at the top. Sliema ASC aspire to win the top honours this year and Frank Salt Real Estate remains the benchmark to follow within the local real estate industry, with a range of comprehensive services aimed at meeting the growing demands of the island’s real estate market. Both Sliema ASC and Frank Salt Real Estate have a professional mentality and a winning team spirit which helps them to lead in their respective fields.

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