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Simon Marchett Interview

8th March, 2024
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Simon Marchett Cospicua
Issued by Frank Salt Real Estate Ltd.

With a passion for architecture fuelling his interests and a career of more than 15 years in property, Simon Marchett reflects on his formal promotion and appointment as manager for the Cospicua branch of Frank Salt Real Estate. As a local, he has an intimate knowledge of the entire Three Cities area and 5 years ago he was entrusted with overseeing the Cospicua branch’s day-to-day operations. Now, entrusted with full managerial responsibilities, he is determined to continue building on the achievements of the past and to consolidate the company’s presence in the Three Cities. Simon sat down and spoke to us about his fierce work ethic and unwavering belief in doing what’s best for both his clients and colleagues… and of course, about all things property in the Three Cities area.

Q: Simon, can you share some of the greatest highlights from your journey starting out as a property sales consultant with FSRE over a decade ago?

“It has been a culmination of very positive experiences attained through hard work and perseverance and my journey in real estate started when I was 21. I had no previous experience in the field, but I was determined enough to make it despite the market’s bleak outlook at the time. I received great support back then, which was crucial because the beginning is always the hardest bit! I soon realised that there was no other job that I had tried prior that felt as rewarding and satisfying. I hit my targets during my first year and was awarded by the company’s top management a couple of years later with a certificate of distinction for “Outstanding Performance”. I also resumed my studies but on a part-time basis and after three hectic years I achieved a Higher National Diploma in Management and Administration from the University of Malta. I was also entrusted to represent the company at an international property expo in Stockholm which was a very enriching experience. I then commenced running the operations of the Cospicua Branch in 2018 after several years working and assisting clients in the Three Cities.” 

Q: What motivates you about real estate?

“Meeting and getting to know people is very enriching. It promotes one to become more competent regarding understanding people’s needs and cultural differences. On the other hand, I still feel excitement kicking in whenever I am closing a deal! However, the most rewarding part is when you know that a customer is satisfied and you have been part of their journey and contributed to the best outcome.

The process of buying and selling can be chaotic for many but all that buyers and sellers expect is a seamless transaction with no hiccups and this is where our skills and experience come into play. I enjoy viewing different types of properties and some days may be more interesting than others, but ultimately every day is unlike another and offers something to look forward to.” 

Q: As a soon-to-be-resident of the Three Cities, what makes the area so special to you? 

“I was raised just outside the walls of the Three Cities and attended the boys’ secondary school in Cospicua. I witnessed the area’s transformation from a neglected and unfairly stigmatised locality into an attractive region with picturesque waterfront promenades, quaint alleys and majestic landmarks… all which have been restored to their former glory. Above all, the Three Cities have retained their local charm due to the fact that they are all classified individually as Urban Conservation Areas and what makes them extra special are the local residents who never abandoned their base. My intimate knowledge of the area fills me with enthusiasm and I want to continue assisting people who feel the same.” 

Q: Tell us about the specific property types that you’re particularly passionate about and find most appealing.

“Period properties offer added value no matter what state they are in. They exude timeless elegance, have tremendous character and act as a tangible connection to the past. The sense of pride that our forefathers had when they built them has been lacking in construction over the last 30 years.

In the past we came across and listed many vacant, unconverted and abandoned old properties on our database and today, high renovation costs and planning constraints tend to be the main stumbling blocks for many purchasers, but despite this, period properties have become extremely sought-after. Hence there is a need for more incentives such as the tax exemption on property transfers in UCAs and the Irrestawra Darek grant. The advantages of buying these homes are endless and I’m a huge advocate for preserving the elegance and beauty of our heritage buildings.

Malta, despite its size, offers an incredible history with many beautiful places worth rescuing and preserving. This includes unspoilt streets lined with terraced houses situated outside UCAs that should be considered as excellent candidates for heritage protection too. While the clock cannot be turned back, we still have so much that we can save, especially in streets that still look uniform and aesthetically pleasing.” 

Simon Marchett Cospicua

Q: What’s uniquely on offer from FSRE as opposed to other real estate companies when a property owner looks specifically at selling?

“Our long standing reputation certainly gives us a competitive edge. Additionally, our ethos is reflected in our ethical and professional working practices which have always been at the core of our operations. Buyers and sellers alike stand to benefit from a personalised and professional service through our trained agents, whose assistance throughout the entire process of buying and selling is aimed at ensuring a smooth transaction. It helps clients to make well-informed decisions by means of getting the best professional advice.

Moreover, our client database is one of the largest in Malta and our significant investment in marketing includes our participation in international property fairs and seminars, so vendors who entrust their properties to us on an exclusive basis are assured of fantastic exposure. Finally, we value every customer – be it a high-end investor or a first-time-buyer. We understand their struggles or challenges and that is why we value every client on his own merit and needs. The foreign market is also one of our strengths and we helped many buyers who were new to the islands to not only find the property of their dreams, but also to avoid making ill-informed decisions.” 

Q: Share with us your plans to boost the branch’s presence in the community.

“We are very established in the Three Cities area and continue to support local events and organisations but I am aiming to include more support for environmental causes as well. Our primary focus is on the Three Cities will add even more value and deliver the most positive of experiences right to our customers. We have become well known for our Three Cities Gazette which shares interesting facts about the area, covers a myriad of things to do and see and also of course advertises some marvellous properties for sale here.”

Q: As the Cospicua branch continues to expand, what message do you have for prospective candidates who are considering a career in real estate with FSRE?

“It is always ‘the right time’ to pursue a career in real estate in Malta as the market has shown resilience even in times of trouble and international crisis. One’s success depends on how hard you are willing to work, your dedication, perseverance in challenging times and the ability to adapt to changes. It is imperative to have any clients’ best interests at the very top of your priority list as not all buyers and sellers have enough experience or market knowledge, so our expertise and assistance is needed by them to make informed decisions. All of Frank Salt Real Estate’s new recruits are well prepared before they start assisting clients and I can safely say that there is no better way of kicking off your real estate career than having a long-established and reputable company by your side right from the beginning.” 

Q: If there’s one short sentence that sums up your life in real estate, what would it be?

“Rewarding in so many ways!”

For more information you can contact Simon on 7920 7570 or email: [email protected].

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