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Retire to Malta – and add years to your life!

19th September, 2012
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I settled in Malta in 1989, soon after I retired from work, and sadly after the sudden loss of my dear wife. I was fortunate to have a very dear friend here in Malta who with his family guided me through the process of my move to this entirely new and unfamiliar country.

I was helped by so many kind Maltese who took me under their wing.

In a very short time I was aware that not just the delightful islands but also the amazing warmth of the people were the key factor to my happy and rapid entry into Maltese life.

I was cared for at every turn and event, so now, 23 years on, I am truly happy and totally integrated into our community. I still reside at the same address and take an active part in local life.

Thanks to the amazing and prompt skill of both St Luke’s Hospital in 1991, then Mater Dei Hospital in 2007 I am alive and well as I near my 90th birthday.

My experience is surely the proof that Malta is the ideal place to relive, and not just to retire. Over the years I have been most privileged to meet Presidents and senior political figures.

I have even made two television documentaries. Now I can say with absolute certainty “Come to Malta to add at least 30 years to your lifespan”.

Thank you, Malta.

Source: Times of Malta, letter written by Eric Frith

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