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One Giant Leap for The Environment | Frank Salt Real Estate

5th December, 2018
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Last month, Frank Salt Real Estate brought you the news of our brand new ‘Let’s Go Environmental’ Initiative, in which we mentioned a number of ways how our real estate agency plans to help spruce up the local environment. We’re thrilled to quash any leftover scepticism out there by announcing our partnership with a fellow Partner-in-Green, Swieqi Local Council, with whom we’ve signed a five-year agreement.

This joint sponsorship is aimed at various afforestation and embellishment schemes – namely, the Fort Madliena afforestation project and four public gardens within the Swieqi Local Council area. How about them apples?

Don’t Worry, Tree Happy!

Great news awaits for all you shady birches out there. As part of the current afforestation project at Fort Madliena, more than 1,000 indigenous trees and bushes are being planted on the site, which measures 15,094 square metres in total. Local, indigenous species will also replace dead trees, wood and a number of Invasive Alien Species (IAS) as part of the rehabilitation process.

Flower Power

We at Frank Salt Real Estate couldn’t be prouder of funding the irrigation and maintenance of all the aforementioned projects, as well as four public gardens in Swieqi: Ġnien Esprit Barthet, Ġnien Imħallef Caruana Curran, Ġnien F. X. Ebejer, and the Swieqi Civic Centre. This will all fall under the auspices of Ambjent Malta and the Ministry of the Environment, together with the Swieqi Local Council.

The Roots of The Operation

All of this could not be possible without the work of some truly committed key players, including Swieqi Mayor, Noel Muscat and Director of Frank Salt Real Estate, Godfrey Swain, the two signatories of the official agreement. Representing FRSE at the signing ceremony were also Douglas Salt, Director, and George Bonnici, Branch Manager of the Ibragg branch. Swieqi Local Council members were also present, along with Mary Anne Abela, Chairperson of the Madliena Administrative Committee.

If you’re on the lookout for an experienced and reliable real estate agency, look no further than Frank Salt Real Estate!

Having been in the property industry for over 50 years, our real estate agency in Malta knows a thing or two about finding the right homes for the right people. Contact us today and we’ll put you in touch with our one of our expert consultants, who won’t rest until the keys of your new property are in your hands!

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