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Net, Flicks and Chill: Creating A Cosy Home

3rd January, 2019
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With the holiday season over but winter in full swing, it’s time to relax and enjoy The Great Indoors! From clambering over mountains of blankets and soft throws to traversing layers of floor pillows and fluffy carpeting, there’s so much to explore and do.

And who better to give advice on creating a warm, cosy home environment other than top real estate agency, Frank Salt Real Estate? Warning: you might not want to leave your house for work afterwards!

1. Let’s Get Lit

Lighting is one of the key factors in creating ambiance within an indoor space. Avoid brightly-lit, fluorescent lights, and opt for table or floor lamps with dimmers. You can never go wrong with candles, of course – they’re excellent accessories for complementing interior decor, as well as transforming the mood of any room with their soft glow.

2. Get On-Board With Wooden Flooring

Parquet and wooden floors instantly add a rich, sophisticated design element; this is because wooden surfaces are made of a texture that’s inviting and makes people want to touch it. Consider adding wooden beams, window trims and doors to finish off the overall look – nothing says cosy home quite like wood!

3. Avoid a Faux Pas With Faux Fur

Incredibly luxurious and oh-so-cosy, throws made of faux fur are simply a must-have when it comes to the colder months. Drape them over the arms of a sofa or place them on the back of an armchair for an aesthetic, high-end effect.

4. Gettin’ Hygge With It

If you’ve ever sat down with a mug of hot chocolate on a rainy day, or cuddled up with a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon, you were experiencing hygge without knowing it. Unable to be translated into a single word, hygge encapsulates the feeling of contentment brought about by enjoying the simple things in life.

This Danish lifestyle concept has taken the world by storm, with entire books and interior design guides dedicated to the art of living cosily. A hyggekrog, for example, refers to a relaxation nook inside a room, which can be created simply by throwing a blanket over your favourite chair and putting a foot rest underneath. Candles are extremely important, as is reducing clutter and replacing it with mixed materials and patterns to create warmth and comfort. Hygge and a cosy home go hand in hand!

5. Deck the Halls… With Lines of Bookshelves

Besides bringing personality to any space, bookshelves serve as a great conversation starter – they also lend the surrounding area the feel of a library or a cosy bookshop.

Want to Get Your Hygge on but Lack the Property to do so? You Need the Help of a Top Real Estate Agency…

Come rain or shine, we can help you find the home of your dreams! Contact us today and we’ll put you in touch with one of our expert consultants. If you’re looking for an experienced, reputable real estate agency in Malta, look no further than Frank Salt Real Estate!

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