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My Green Corner Art Competition Winners

7th August, 2023
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my green corner art

We are thrilled to unveil the extraordinary winners of our art competition MY GREEN CORNER, carefully chosen by a panel of 8 talented judges. 

Back in March 2023, we launched an art competition aimed at encouraging children to express themselves by creating unique artworks that feature their special green corner – whether it’s a park, garden, landscaped street, alley, or even their own backyard or terrace! We asked them to showcase a green space dear to their hearts while also promoting awareness about the significance of green spaces in our daily lives. The response was overwhelming, with an impressive 489 entries received. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the young talents who participated, as well as to their parents and educators.

The participants’ creativity and passion have truly shone through every brushstroke, pencil line, and digital masterpiece.

Congratulations to all the winners for turning your artistic dreams into reality!


Winner – Kayleigh Tanti
Runner Up – Adamantia Adamantiadis

Top 10: Kayleigh Tanti, Adamantia Adamantiadis, Lily Vassallo, Ema Caruana, Shelby Galea, Lisa Vella, Giulia Muscat, Emilia Lia, Amy Barbara, Johanna Takacs

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Kayleight Tanti
St Joseph School Sliema - Junior school
Adamantia Adamantiadis
Marsascala St. Anne Primary
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Winner – Lara Ellul

Runner Up – Yuki Gregory

Top 10: Lara Ellul, Yuki Gregory, Martina Catanzaro, Ally Zahra, Eliza Borg, Alisa Gregory, Ana Agius, Martin Attard, Raffaella Borg, Catriona Muscat,

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Lara Ellul
Yuki Gregory
Sue Gregory Art Studio
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Winner – Emma Brincat
Runner up: Bella Chai

Top 10: Emma Brincat, Bella Chai, Matthew Sammut, Sammy Ibnass, Leeana Fiteni Cascun, Daniel Xu, Dasa Kitich, Shelly Pawney, Sofia De Ariaga Gingell, Sriniranjana Srinivasan

Browse all entries on Facebook. 

Bella Chai
Sue Gregory Art Studio
Emma Brincat
The Malta Visual and Performing Arts School
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Winner – Selsebil Ben Saad
Runner up: Dejan Catania

Top 10: Selsebil Ben Saad, Dejan Catania, Mara Cachia, Maya Aquilina, Millie Borg, Anna Dubinina, Christabelle Bezzina, Phoebe Legault, Hazel Goodhand, Keira Scalpello

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Selsebil Ben Saad
St Francis
Dejan Catania
STMC Sta. Lucia Senior School
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Winner – Kathleen Flask
Runner Up: Anastasiia Kishinets

Top 10: Kathleen Flask, Anastasiia Kishinets, Julian Axisa, Casey Caruana, Natassja Stafrace, Nadia Ibnass, John Andreas Baldacchino, Kimberley Fenech, Alexia Baldacchino, Martha Cassar

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Kathleen Flask
Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School
Anastasiia Kishinets
Junior College
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Handpicking a single winner from a pool of 489 entries was a monumental task. The sheer talent and creativity on display were absolutely phenomenal. As a result, we’ve opted to distribute the €500 cash prize among 4 participants, taking into account their respective age categories, overall awarded points, and the number of judges’ votes garnered. The winners are:

  • Julian Axisa – 19 years
  • Mara Cachia – 14 years
  • Matthew Sammut – 12 years
  • Selsebil Ben Saad – 14 years

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to our esteemed panel of judges, comprising both rising stars and established figures in the art world, as well as passionate environmental enthusiasts. Their invaluable contributions were instrumental in meticulously curating the winning selections. A big shoutout to Julia Grech Lupi, Simone Magri, Denise Papagiorcopolo, Frank Salt, Nickie Sultana Radojevic, Leonard Van Den Berg, Joe Young, and Ray Young for their dedication and discerning expertise.

One can view all entries in the virtual gallery we have put together, making it Malta’s largest collection of online paintings.

The category winners each get €100, whilst category runner ups get €50. The four overall winners get €125 each.

Big well done to all! Follow our FB page and IG for more competitions.

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