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Mi Casa Es Tu Casa – Benefits of Holding an Open House

18th February, 2019
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Holding an open house not only gives your property a lot of visibility, but can also make the whole process of selling less time-consuming. There’s a lot to be said for showing your home in this way – having dealt with the business of property in Malta for 50 years now, we’ve compiled a few reasons why an open house can be a seller’s best tool, along with a few tips on making it a success.

1. It Sets Your House Apart From The Rest

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll know that the property market is one of the most competitive at the moment. Granting prospective buyers the opportunity to actually step inside your home and envision setting up a life there already gives you an upper hand. Consider upgrading your decor with professional staging to create a versatile space that makes a statement. Just remember – think more Martha Stewart and less MTV Cribs…

2. Our House, in the Middle Of Our Street…

Having an open house gives potential buyers the chance to meet the neighbourhood as well as the property itself. Location plays a huge role in the decision-making process, after all, and more often than not, neighbours do usually pop in to see what all the fuss is about. Therefore, an open house also serves as a meet-and-greet for everyone involved (just remember to hide the fine china!)

3. Now That’s What I Call a Neighbourhood: Greatest Hits

To really sell the locality, share a list of the neighbourhood’s “greatest hits”, including amenities such as day care centres, supermarkets, your favourite restaurants and even information on schools in the area. If you have the time and resources, you can also make a brochure or leaflet for the potential buyers to take away with them.

4. Keep Calm and Get Your Bid On

The more people attend your open house, the higher the level of interest becomes – sometimes so much so that it can even lead to a bidding war! If the competition really heats up, you could even see yourself getting a higher price than what you had originally asked for.

5. It’s Just Convenient

Struggling to juggle selling a property with a full-time job and those never-ending family commitments? Having an open house allows you to get all those house viewings out of the way without having to take extra time out of your busy schedule.

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