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Meet the Team: Patrick Xuereb

25th May, 2022
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patrick xuereb meet the team

Patrick is from the St Paul’s Bay and Mellieha Branches and prior to joining the real estate sector in 2005, Patrick worked in the hospitality industry for a number of years. During that time, he worked as a head chef before moving into management at a relatively young age. With a diploma in Hotel Management from MCAST, he also specialised in Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment during his studies, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours from the University of Greenwich. As if that was not enough, he holds a Diploma in Anti-Money Laundering and is currently also a professional member of the International Compliance Association and keeps an eye on any money laundering activities! 

In 2007 he was promoted to St Paul’s Bay’s Branch Manager and he is presently a Regional Manager, after winning various awards in the process. Patrick is a keen photographer, passionate about football and enjoys travelling, nature and experiencing different cultures. We just had to find more out about this enigmatic man, so we lined him up as a “must-have” for Meet the Team… and he shared the following with us:

"I believe in staying calm and in control of the situation while focusing on winning the challenge in front of me"

patrick xuereb

Tell us in about a 100 words who Patrick Xuereb is! 

I am an avid sports enthusiast, open to any kind of adventure and I love exploring new things and to continuously learn. I am also a quiet person by nature, honest, loyal and I come with a witty sense of humour! I am willing to listen and help anyone who approaches me in the best way I possibly can. I thrive in structured and organised frameworks, with clear directions and lastly I love travelling… oh, before I forget, I have to add that my pet hate is that I cannot stand people who lie!


What can you tell us about your family, about growing up and your younger days? 

I am a Roman Catholic and I was born in Hamrun, a long time ago. I come from a working class family and I am the youngest of six siblings. I have a lovely daughter called Denise, from my marriage and she is now the mother of one gorgeous granddaughter, Hailey.


What attracted you to join the Frank Salt Team? 

When I wanted to move away from the hospitality industry, I looked for another industry that still offered customer interaction, and more importantly, would give me job satisfaction while maintaining and improving of course on the good income I already had. After a brief spell at a small real estate agency, the lure of a more structured organisation was what persuaded me to join Frank Salt Real Estate at the time. 

What do you enjoy the most about working in the real estate industry? 

Unbelievably, or as weird as it may sound, solving problems and finding solutions! This gives me great satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment. It is very much along the same lines of the hospitality industry if you like. 


We believe you graduated from University of Greenwich specialising in Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment. Does this play a role in your daily life? 

Yes definitely so! We tend to visit construction sites as part of one’s job and the awareness I learnt during university will never leave one. I am always looking at safety measures and protocols of any site we intend to visit before we request access from the authorised personnel. 

Not much difference between the former and the latter in fairness. Managing offices requires responsibility, honesty, dedication and personal sacrifices. Being humble, knowledgeable, honest and fair is a recipe that works for me.

patrick xuereb

What advice will you give to someone who wants to become an estate agent? 

I will not depict it as a walk in the park, by any stretch of the imagination and it is not for everyone. You need to be honest, dedicated, organised, and ready to take on board advice, have a willingness to succeed and have the right moral compass. If you have these qualities in you, the rest is not rocket science and nothing will hold you back. We will provide you with the necessary training, and whilst we will not guarantee you success, we will guarantee you the right environment and training to fulfil your potential and ambitions. 


How do you go about motivating your teams? 

I am not one to lecture my colleagues with motivational talks, I just use everyday conversations as an opportunity to educate and convey my experience to them. It seems to be working, as I have colleagues with whom I have been successfully working together for decades. 


We were surprised to hear that you also have a background as a chef! Can you tell us about it? 

I studied hotel management in my younger days and found the creativity of “cheffing” rather intriguing! I turned out to be a decent chef apparently, much to my own surprise! 


Do you have any tips for our readers regarding nutrition? 

Avoid processed foods and simple carbohydrates. Do not force a diet on yourself, eat what you like in moderation and exercise as much as you can! 


What role does your experience in the service industry and customer care play on a daily basis? 

People coming from the hospitality industry will have a good career in real estate because they are people who tend to listen to what the customers are requesting, eager to accommodate their requirements and they are also used to working what is considered unsociable hours. 

We heard you love photography! What is your favourite subject to capture and why? 

When I had space and time, it used to be still lifes. Nowadays it tends more to be landscapes and nature. 


Who will be first your first choice to have supper with when it comes to public figures that have influenced your life? It can be anyone in history or current. 

No one in particular had an influence on my life, but because of my love of anything related to Liverpool, it will probably be Jurgen Klopp!


Tell us about a favourite dish and do you make it yourself? 

I’m going for Sushi here, and I do not do that myself, unfortunately. 

patrick xuereb frank salt

If you were an inventor, what would you invent or be working on at present? 

Probably a fool proof VAR system 🙂 Like most football fanatics, I cringe at some decisions!


What are the advantages of working in the St Paul’s Bay area? 

It is a very cosmopolitan area and of course in close vicinity to the sea.


How do you go about handling a demanding client? 

I believe in staying calm and in control of the situation while focusing on winning the challenge in front of me.


Which film have you seen over and over again and enjoyed every time?  

‘The Untouchables’ directed by Brian De Palma.

What are you planning to do after you retire one day? 

I am into anti-money laundering and I am doing a postgraduate diploma in the subject now… so I do not see a retirement date on the horizon yet, albeit I will take it easier! 


Are you still friends with people you have grown up with or have known from childhood? 

Oh yes! True friends are never a thing of the past… and when you catch up, it’s like you’ve never been away. 


Tell us about a favourite memory! 

The time I spend with my family and close friends are very dear to me, and there are still plenty of them, thank God!

What are your favourite TV series or shows? 

I’m not following anything in particular at the moment. The last few I enjoyed following were ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Banshee’ and ‘Peaky Blinders’. Having said that, I thoroughly enjoy any well-thought out and produced documentary, especially those dealing with wildlife. 


Imagine you are at karaoke night. What song will you be singing and why? 

Seriously!? I can empty a bar with the first couple of lines! Hard pressed? ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ in-between some 55,000 screaming scousers! I will do less ear damage!  


Are you adventurous with food and have you ever eaten something strange or unusual? If so, what? 

I am in fact, and will try any local food when I am travelling. I would rather not mention what, however!

patrick xuereb

Is there anything you hate doing and if so, why? Would you go as far as paying someone to do it? 

Cannot think of anything in particular… probably house redecorating! 


Respectively, what do you do if you a) WIN… or b) come 2nd in a competition or race? 

A.      Enjoy the reward of the hard work. 

B.      Analyse what I could have done better and work harder.


Tell us about something funny that has happened to you that you will never forget! 

Getting stuck in a lift with a client, an old English lady. 


If you did not live in Malta, where would you see yourself? 



Give us the best piece of advice you will share with the youth of today… 

Do not waste your time on social media, set your goals early in life and go for it with all that you have! 


Did you have a great or awful time at school and would you relive some of the times if you could? 

Looking back, those were happy days. I would change some things though. 


If you had a warning label attached to you, what would it say? 

“Please be honest”


Tell us about the best party you have ever been to! 

I do not consider myself as a party animal. But was it a good party if you remember it?


Can you get along without your mobile phone for a weekend?… and whatever the answer, elaborate! 

Mobile phones are an essential tool in our industry, which will not allow you switch off at times. So yes, I will definitely enjoy a weekend break from it! 


If you had a choice, what would be your superpower? 



What motivates you to keep going? 

Life itself!


What will you do if you had a time machine? 

Travel back in time, back to the Roman Empire.

Some fun facts about Patrick we'd like to share

I was born on the 23 September, so at times I am a Libra or a Virgo!

Hendriks and Tonic on ice, with cucumber and pepper please.

Travelling long distance! Think China, Japan, Seychelles, Mauritius and back to the States! Did I mention Liverpool!?

Patrick Xuereb

Patrick Xuereb

Property Sales Consultant

Patrick Xuereb is a Regional Branch Manager at St. Paul’s Bay, Mellieha and the Mosta branch of Frank Salt Real Estate.

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