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Retreat in Sicily for Frank Salt Real Estate’s management team

4th September, 2023
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PRESS RELEASE - September 2023
Issued by Frank Salt Real Estate Ltd.

Beyond the Boardroom: A Retreat in Sicily for Frank Salt Real Estate’s management team.

Frank Salt Real Estate, a leading player in the real estate industry, recently treated its managerial team to a memorable day in Sicily. This event not only recognised the dedication of the company’s managers but also highlighted the growth opportunities available to consultants within the organization.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Sicily’s coastline, the day featured a carefully curated itinerary. It began with a visit to Marina di Modica, where the team enjoyed Sicilian ice cream, granita and arancini. It was then time to unwind with a refreshing swim at Modica’s inviting shores, taking in the breathtaking Mediterranean views. Next, they explored Valle Dell’Acate, indulging in a captivating wine tasting experience. Lunch was a gastronomic delight, showcasing Ragusan cuisine. It was a chance for the team to relish local flavors and bond over shared experiences.

The managers also had time to relax with a swim before concluding the day with a visit to the historic Ragusa Ibla, before heading back to Malta.

Mr. Grahame Salt, Director at Frank Salt Real Estate, emphasized the importance of such events in recognizing the managers’ contributions and the company’s commitment to offering growth opportunities. “Our managers are integral to our success, and we are dedicated to fostering their talent,” he stated.

“This getaway underscores Frank Salt Real Estate’s culture of professional excellence, work-life balance, and employee well-being” added Douglas Salt, Director for Human Resources. As Frank Salt Real Estate continues to expand its presence and lead the way in the real estate sector, opportunities for growth and development abound. The company’s investment in its team underscores its dedication to excellence and its commitment to shaping the future of real estate in Malta and beyond.

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