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Malta the Mediterranean’s Best Kept Secret

31st August, 2013
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Malta: An all-rounder destination

No other country offers the opportunites that Malta does, being ideal to relocate to, take up residence, as a holiday home or simply for a secure rental investment.

Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, the islands of Malta and Gozo are ideally located as lifestyle and investment destinations. With a history dating back to the time of the Crusaders this ancient land is steeped in culture with a heritage spanning over 7000 years.

The cosmopolitan, crime free environment, warm friendly people and fantastic weather year round make Malta a popular tourist destination and a highly sought after country in which to reside. Crystal clear seas offer world class diving, sailing and other water sports while the long stretches of white sandy beaches are a popular draw-card to holiday makers.

English is an official language and the language of business in Malta. Malta is recognised as a reputable international business, financial and maritime centre and has an excellent track record. It has the largest freeport in the Mediterranean, exceptional health services and several financial incentives for both individuals considering taking up residency in a country that is favourable to their taxation and financial circumstances, as well as companies looking at a more business friendly and tax efficient alternative.

With the introduction of the new Global Residence Programme for non-EU nationals, as well as the Private Retirements Programme and other Residency Schemes ideal for both EU and UK nationals, Malta has never been so promising.

Taking up a property as a rental investment is also a lucrative opportunity. At present this is estimated at between 3.5% to 6% per annum, depending on the type of property in question, the location and level of finish.

The choice of property is varied, from charming traditional houses full of character and history, often dating back to the times of the Knights or colonial period, to modern stylish villas with pools and apartments, boasting of state of the art amenities and bespoke design finishes. A very good selection of budget apartments are also available, some set close to the seafront of the most popular destination such as Sliema, Mellieha and Bugibba.

Browse through our selection of good value properties and see which tickle your taste buds or simply send us an email with your intents for moving to Malta or taking up a property here, and we will forward you a personalized list. You may also be eligible for a free inspection visit!

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