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Malta places 3rd in the best 25 cities to live in

24th August, 2013
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Malta has placed an amazing third in a list of the best 25 cities for young people to live in.

It is surpassed only by New York (second) and Vienna (first).

The entire list can be found on

It introduces the list by saying: “Young people can be dynamic, free-spirited, idealistic and carefree as well as goal-oriented, driven and practical. Some prefer to leave their hometowns to study in other cities or even other countries and perhaps move around again after obtaining a college degree. It normally depends on their financial capability or just their need to be independent and less restricted. Nevertheless, there are cities like these 25 best cities for young people to live in that are more accommodating to a young lifestyle.”

As regards Malta, the list says: “Yes, we know it’s not a city but rather an archipelago in the Mediterranean. Than why is it on this list of best cities? Nicknamed the “Land of Honey”, Malta might as well be just one city given that its one of the smallest states in the world. Here’s a cool fact though: According to various studies they have the most generous inhabitants in the world.”

The list

Vienna, Austria

New York


Melbourne, Australia

Salvador, Brazil

Dubai, UAE

Vancouver, Canada

Prague, Czech Republic

Edinburgh, Scotland

Paris, France

Auckland, New Zealand

Geneva, Switzerland

Cape Town, South Africa

Frankfurt, Germany

Rome, Italy

Berlin, Germany

Seattle, Washington, USA

London, England

Oslo, Norway

Barcelona, Spain

Amsterdam, Holland

Perth, Australia

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Zurich, Switzerland

Helsinki, Finland


Published: Saturday 24th August 2013

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