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Letting Team helps out at the Island Sanctuary

6th November, 2011
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Spending an afternoon cleaning at a dog sanctuary is not what many would describe as the typical job for a property consultant but that is what the Frank Salt Real Estate Letting team were eager to embark upon earlier on this month – to dedicate some of their time and help out at the Island Sanctuary in Marsaxlokk.

This no-kill shelter is the responsibility of the Island Sanctuary Association, which depends completely on a small number of volunteers who are actively involved, and around 1000 members and friends who support the sanctuary financially. This includes Frank Salt Real Estate Letting Division Manager, Edward Hamilton. Given his commitment to the cause he invited his team to join him for one such afternoon of voluntary work. Armed to the teeth with cleaning utensils, various gadgets and over 200kgs of dog food the team rolled up their sleeves and got dirty cleaning the kennels, fixing pens and doing other odd jobs.

“I have always been passionate about dogs. Unfortunately my lifestyle does not give me the time to have my own so helping out at the Sanctuary is truly a highlight for me,” states Edward Hamilton. “On one occasion I was discussing this with my team and they all jumped in at the idea of dedicating an afternoon to such cause. The company management was also in favour and further assisted us through a financial contribution, which we matched and invested in 6 super market trolleys full of food. Jobs were delegated and executed with the usual energy and humor that materializes when we are out of the office together and I must admit, I was pleasantly impressed with the commitment of every consultant. We didn’t just go to the Island Sanctuary to make an appearance – this cause is very dear to me and we went there to truly make a difference. We were fully equipped with squeegees, brooms, cleaning products and tools and we spent all afternoon getting down and dirty trying to assist were ever possible.’’

The Island Sanctuary committee team was very happy with such initiative. “The sanctuary serves as a temporary home for around 150 unwanted dogs – we strive hard to find good homes for them as we believe a dog is happiest when he’s part of a loving family.” said active member Gloria Bugeja. “For some of our dogs, though, it is the only home they have ever known as not all dogs get adopted and as such we do our utmost to turn it into as comfortable and friendly an environment as possible. Unfortunately this requires great effort and we would not be able to cope without help from volunteers. Apart from actual hands on involvement, we are also in need of financial assistance as well as dog supplies, toys and blankets. Initiatives such as that taken up by Frank Salt Real Estate are very much welcome!”

The Frank Salt Letting team left after some 6 hours of hard work and no break – smelling like a dog but with a big smile on their faces and looking forward to the next visit!

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