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Job Hunting? Swipe Right For Frank Salt Real Estate!

6th December, 2018
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With the property sector currently enjoying a massive boom on the Maltese islands, it’s little wonder that so many are pursuing a career with a real estate agency.

As the title of this article suggests, job hunting is a lot like dating: rejections galore, getting the timing right, that stomach-churning first meeting with someone new and the anxiety while waiting for that oh-so-important first phone call or text back afterwards. There are many perks to working with Frank Salt Real Estate – read below to find out if we are your perfect match!

All Work and No Play Makes Frank a Dull Boy

Here at Frank Salt Real Estate, we like to think of ourselves more than a family as opposed to mere colleagues; we place great emphasis on teamwork and having a positive work environment. In our experience, happy employees result in happy clients, which is why we like to reward our agents for a job well done with team-building events, staff lunches and dinners – it’s not uncommon to end a work week with celebratory drinks! Apart from all this, we also hold end-of-quarter parties, along with ongoing training, info-sharing seminars, weekly catch-up meetings for all consultants – and more.

Hard Work Never Goes Unnoticed

Working with us means having access to intensive training and mentorship: we make sure that every employee is given the chance to grow and develop as a professional. We are always on the lookout for motivated, hard-working and ambitious individuals, and seek to nurture these qualities though multiple incentives and monthly bonuses. Investing in people is at the core of what we do as a real estate agency, and we ensure that our agents have the full support of our creative and marketing team. Property tours as well as open houses are regularly organised in order to bring clients to consultants.

We also participate in important events locally and overseas, meaning that there are sometimes opportunities for our agents to spread their wings and explore their career beyond our shores.

Putting the ‘R’ in CSR

From environmental initiatives to many other urgent social causes, our team is passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility. We are aware of both the positive as well as the negative effects of the current boom in the property sector, and strive to preserve and enhance our local environment and community in any way we can.

50 Years Old, and Still Going Strong!

If you choose to work with Frank Salt Real Estate, you won’t just gain a career: you’ll gain a family. We are a fully-independent and local real estate agency, and have stayed true to the same principles and values that have successfully guided our organisation for all these years. If you’re an energetic, dedicated and forward-thinking individual, then consider it an instant Super Like from us – we want to hear from you! Discover our career opportunities here.

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