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Frank Salt Secretaries Go Ghost Hunting In Birgu!

7th July, 2011
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Birgu has more than a ghost story to tell and the daring secretaries at Frank Salt Real Estate decided to experience the sinister vibe first hand! This was thanks to a ghost hunting event that the company organised through the assistance of Malta ghost ‘connoisseur’ Charmaine Bugeja.

The success of every company lies not only within the hands of its management, but most importantly each employee. Frank Salt Real Estate has over its 40 years in business, always recognized the hard work and dedication of its employees and has always found ways of showing its appreciation in return. This year as a thank you for their unwavering contribution and outstanding performance, the secretaries were treated to a night on the town…back in time!

Moving from the rendezvous point at the Cottonera Waterfront, the evening proved to be very interesting as the group of ladies, were guided through the winding streets of Birgu, and told many a tale of this historic city. Starting from the inception of Birgu as a safe harbour for the Knight’s vessles, to the role of Fort St. Angelo during the Great Siege, as well as the Auberges within the Collachio area, the inquisition and its role in Malta, and finally serving as the main base for the British till 1979. But what aroused most discussions, giggles, laughter, and also a few shrills, were the legends of the ghosts that ‘live’ in this old city. Unexplained happenings of things found out of place, French soldiers conversing in an alley, Private Thomas McSweeney giving directions in the Birgu cemetery, orbs that appear in derelict houses, were just a few of the accounts that have sent shivers down everyone’s spine.

“All in all, it was good fun and a great way to relax and socialize among colleagues”, stated HR Manager, Sandra Aquilina. “At Frank Salt Real Estate, we recognize the importance of appreciating our employees. There is a sense of loyalty and gratitude between management and employees which aids in giving our clients the service they deserve.”

The evening finished off in a local restaurant for some nibbles and a glass of wine to cheer to teamwork, great colleagues, a better year for Frank Salt Real Estate…and why not…to the souls that wonder this historic city…may they rest in peace!

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