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Frank Salt Real Estate’s Passion: Giving back to the Community

11th August, 2022
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Frank Salt Real Estate gives back.

The world is today facing tough challenges brought about by climate change, social inequality, pandemics and conflicts which in turn have affected each and every one of us. Under these prevailing conditions, it is now more important than ever that businesses recognise their responsibility towards their local community and the environment. Thankfully, a good share of Malta’s business community is committed to corporate social responsibility programmes and Frank Salt Real Estate is no exception.

Since its inception, the company has always acknowledged its responsibility to give back to the local community. Every business has limited funds and Frank Salt Real Estate has set up a special committee to evaluate how corporate funds should be channelled towards a number of worthy causes every year. The Group’s main focus is on sponsorships of a number of sports clubs as well as NGOs, with a strong focus on the environment.

Our Local & Successful Business

“Our viewpoint is a simple one”, says Director Grahame Salt. “We are a local company and have been successfully operating for 50+ years. We therefore feel that we must contribute back. We believe very much in the importance of supporting Malta’s youth, in particular through their sport clubs and also supporting environmental initiatives around the islands.”


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Who do we support?

Sports clubs such as Luxol, Sliema ASC, JUVE Academy and the Royal Malta Golf Club have always been an important part of the local community and Frank Salt Real Estate are extremely proud to be able to support these clubs. Sports gives future generations a sense of belonging, encourages people to learn and develop a greater sense of self, whilst promoting an active lifestyle with values like discipline, commitment and team spirit. Frank Salt Real Estate is also a firm believer in social equality, so they have also sponsored a sailing boat to be used by people with disabilities who want to experience the joy of sailing.

Sponsoring the Environment

Through their ‘Let’s Go Environmental Drive’, Frank Salt Real Estate aims to contribute towards the wellbeing of Malta’s environment and to raise more awareness about the importance of nourishing a greener urban landscape. As of 2019, the company has been collaborating with the Swieqi Local Council to ensure that the gardens of Ġnien Esprit Barthet, Ġnien Imħallef Caruana Curran, Ġnien F. X. Ebejer and the Swieqi Civic Centre are well maintained for the enjoyment of the Swieqi and Ibrag residents.

Last but not least, by far the largest CSR exercise undertaken by Frank Salt Real Estate to date has been its contribution towards the installation of a new solar PV panel system on the roof of Inspire. Each year these panels are estimated to generate over 253,000 units of power, with annual savings for Inspire of over €43,000 for at least the next 20 years. 

“Each of us has a part to play. It gives us great satisfaction to be able to support these Local initiatives in a small way and hopefully more and more businesses will be encouraged to get involved and do the same. Let’s be proud of the country we live in, support our youth and the environment we live in and share.”

Issued by Vanessa Grech Lupi, Frank Salt Real Estate Ltd, St Julian’s, Malta | August 2022

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