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Frank Salt Real Estate Conducts Beach Clean-ups at Mistra and Dahlet Qorrot

27th September, 2019
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Some forty members of staff from Frank Salt Real Estate’s team have recently got together and got their hands dirty to help make Malta’s beaches cleaner. Mistra Bay and Dahlet Qorrot in Gozo were selected for this year’s activity, forming part of the company’s Let’s Go Environmental drive to give back to society and Malta’s environment. Geared up with gloves and garbage bags, the team spent an afternoon collecting litter and debris from the two beaches and seabed. More than 180kgs of litter were collected – from cigarette butts to plastic junk and other usual litter as well as the odd waste including car tyres, metal cables and even bird cages!

Malta, like most places around the world, is doing its utmost to raise awareness amongst its citizens about the urgency to tackle climate change and environmental issues. According to the UK’s Royal Statistical Society’s December 2018 statistics, some 8 billion pounds of plastic waste flows into the oceans every year from coastal regions. This, along with other waste thrown in the sea depletes the oxygen content in the water which is vital for marine animals. It also generates toxic waste, contaminates their food chain and gives rise to failure in the reproductive system of marine animals. Each year more than 100,000 mammals and sea turtles and over one million seabirds die due to this fact.

“At Frank Salt Real Estate we understand that our quality of life depends on a cleaner environment, which we need to protect for our children and generations to come,” says company Director Douglas Salt. The company remains committed to participating in bringing about the necessary change, not only by organising clean ups but taking active action to reduce waste in its offices and by making use of recyclable materials and supplies were possible.

One can follow the latest updates from Frank Salt Real Estate’s Let’s Go Environmental Initiative at

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