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Frank Salt Real Estate Beach Cleanup

20th June, 2015
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To help keep our beautiful islands and its beaches clean for all to enjoy particularly during the summer months, a group of employees and friends from Frank Salt Real Estate’s St Paul’s Bay and Mellieha branches organized a clean-up activity in Mgiebah bay and during this activity the volunteers managed to collect over 20 kilograms of litter left on the beach and washed up debris.

Mgiebah bay, limits of Selmun, is truly one of Malta’s coastal treasures where one can enjoy a picturesque bay with pristine blue sea which may be reached from a quiet sandy beach on the inner part of this bay. To find this beach, one must drive down a long winding country road followed by a few hundred meters of beaten track which must be tackled on foot. Alternatively one can also reach the bay by boat. The sandy beach is usually frequented by a few locals and the occasional tourist, lucky enough to find this secluded bay while exploring the area. This stretch of sandy beach tends to be forgotten probably due to the restricted access and this oversight together with a lack of litter bins in the area, sadly left behind by people as well as the occasional washed up debris, to gradually accumulate and spoil this hidden treasure.

As a contribution towards the company’s social and environmental responsibility, on Saturday afternoon after a hard week’s work, this group of volunteers geared up with gloves and garbage bags, tackled the whole beach over a period of four hours and in the process picked up over twenty kilograms of broken glass, beer cans, plastic bottles, bottle caps, plastic bags and other bits and pieces left behind.

Helping to protect the environment has always been part of Frank Salt Real Estate’s agenda and policy. Although the company has set ambitious targets for the future and is confident that these targets will be met and superseded, the company remains committed to participate and encourages its staff to join in such activities which may improve the environment. This was a great team building and family event which the company hopes to do on a regular basis. “Participating in this event has not only inspired but also set a new tradition within my team” commented Patrick Xuereb, Regional Manager for Northern Malta. “This beach clean-up activity brought together our employees and their families and friends to collectively volunteer for an environmentally worthy cause.”

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