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Frank Salt opens its 11th Branch

7th July, 2010
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Frank Salt Real Estate opens its 11th office in Malta dedicated to Residential Letting and Commercial Property.

In line with its current expansion strategy, the Frank Salt Real Estate Group has opened its 11th office on the island, focusing specifically on Residential Letting and Commercial Properties. The new office is located at 212, Tower Road, Sliema, just across it-Torri. The Company has recently expanded its management team through the appointment of a number of new managers and property consultants.

2010 has been very positive for the real estate market. Demand for properties for sale has improved considerably when compared with 2008 and 2009 figures, whilst the decline in property prices has slowed down and has today stabilized itself. The Rental Market has been strong and consistent throughout this period. More local and foreign property owners have decided to embark in property rentals reaping great results. The Rental market has been improving for the last number of years, so much so, that Frank Salt Real Estate has seen the need to complement its existing letting team with a further branch dedicated solely to such type of properties.

‘‘We have now established our self as the largest letting department on the island’’ says Edward Hamilton, Property Letting Manager at Frank Salt Real Estate. ‘’with letting consultants spread across the island in specialised branches, foreign nationals relocating to the island for employment or investment can have expert consultations in any area they desire. We are in fact constantly looking for rental properties to register and have embarked on a number of exercises to promote investment in buy-to-let properties.’’

The new branch at Tower Road Sliema will also be accommodating the Commercial Property Division of Frank Salt Real Estate. Run by its new manager Joseph G. Pace and complemented with a team of 4 experienced property consultants, the division has expanded rapidly over the last few months, and has set itself to become THE Commercial Property agency on the islands. ‘The Commercial Department has been operating since 1990 and today enjoys a dominant market share, having established itself as a point of reference within the business community.

The department’s client base consists of both private and corporate clients, local and overseas, some of whom represent large blue chip corporations, Banks, Embassies, International Companies and Investors.

The database of commercial property, which includes offices, retail, factories, warehouses, catering establishments, hotels and commercial sites, represents the largest selection of commercial property on the island.

When considering commercial activities, property costs are one of the largest business overhead expenses. That is why it is important to comprehend the full ramifications of taking over the title to a property or entering into a lease agreement’. says Mr. Pace. ‘That is why it is important to work with a commercial real estate agent with a proven track record and an impeccable reputation for reliability and integrity – and at Frank Salt Real Estate Limited we have a proven track record of 40 years of just that!

The new Residential Letting and Commercial Properties can be reached on telephone 2276 0000 or by email

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