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Frank Salt announces 5 year strategy plan

21st November, 2013
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Frank Salt Real Estate has been enjoying a successful 2013, and this week the company’s management announced a strategic plan that will see the company expand considerably over the next five years. Details were given at an extraordinary general meeting called by the Company Directors earlier this October, during which conference a 5 year strategic plan was put forward to the company consultants and employees. Amongst other measures the company plans to open a number of additional branches in strategic places in Malta, and also invest substantially in attracting foreign property investment. The latter includes dedicated plans focused on interest in commercial property. To achieve its plans, the company is planning to gradually augment its staff complement, both in terms of property consultants and support staff, by 50% from its current levels. An even greater emphasis on staff training is being implemented. These expansion plans shall help maintain Frank Salt Real Estate’s leading position in the local market.

As part of the overall strategy, the company announced an increase in remuneration packages across the board. It has also introduced several initiatives aimed to attract new property consultants to join the team.

“There comes a point for a business that has been around for a substantial number of years, where you have to sit back and assess the best way forward for the business”, stated Joe Lupi, the company’s Managing Director in his address. “Frank Salt Real Estate has been around for over four decades and we felt it was time to see whether to take a conservative approach and consolidate our efforts or possibly even downsize, or alternatively push forward and grow further. After a careful assessment of the current market conditions and expected industry forecasts, we took the riskier option – that of expansion.”

On the new remuneration packages, Company Director Douglas Salt commented “There is this impression that to work in property, your earnings will only be driven by commissions on sales (or lettings). We understand the concerns that some people might have on this matter and as such we wanted a remuneration package that not only offers the excellent income that a career in real estate provides, but also an attractive secure income that will ensure their peace of mind. Experience shows that once you have tried your hands at real estate sales, there is no turning back – and we want to make it easier for prospective candidates to take the plunge.” A specific attractive package was also announced for more seasoned consultants, especially those who already hold considerable experience in the field.

“We strongly believe in our service” further explained Grahame Salt, Company Director. “Frank Salt Real Estate is today a household brand that is synonymous with quality real estate consultancy. We pride ourselves of always putting the client first, and one way of doing so is by always being proactive and keeping abreast with market trends and the opportunities that the local and foreign environment present. We have a number of qualities that make us the best option for people to go to when they need to buy or sell their property. We not only offer an excellent and complete experience, but we have a large and talented team and a strategy that works. Albeit built on strong family traditions, our philosophy is forward thinking; and has proven successful over and over again. We’re now looking forward to even more exciting times.”

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